I (22F) just learned my BF (21M) was abused by his ex.

Shortly after my Ex broke my heart after another attempt to get her back, someone even better has entered my life. To make the long story short we are now engaged and she has helped me get over my Ex. My Ex has found out and appears to regret her decision to dumping me. Definitely don’t want her back. Michelle Anderson on April 20, 2018: I felt so much pain for that old man and I hated that my ex boyfriend needed to hide in my apartment so the cops wouldn’t find him. I didn’t want to help him. One day his mom and dad were on the phone and they didn’t know my ex had put them on speaker, his dad called me a B*%*! just because I didn’t want him living with me.

2021.09.16 17:34 throwRA-chas I (22F) just learned my BF (21M) was abused by his ex.

TW// Abuse
We have been together for about 8 months and up until last night I haven’t seen him shirtless. Now we have done sexual things but he has always kept his shirt on I thought he was just insecure about his body.
We were getting intimate and I asked him if he wanted to take off his shirt and after hesitating he said yes and took it off. Then I notice he had quite a few scars over his chest, stomach and back. He realized that I notice and started to get anxious and put his shirt back on.
After calming him down he told me he was sorry for waiting so long to tell me but his ex abused and the scars were from being hit with keys. I did my absolute best to comfort him and assure him it doesn’t make me love him less or make him less of a man.
Is there anything I can do to help him feel more comfortable?
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2021.09.16 17:34 peakyf0ckingblinders 201127 yeji

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2021.09.16 17:34 DerpishGambino [H] PayPal [W] Ti tip + cap

New to the dynavap world and am piecing together a custom stem vs going for a 2021 M or other default option.
Looking to get a Ti tip (o-rings + screen) and a cap. No preference on which Ti tip as I believe there's the older version, then the new Omni and VonG ones for 2021. I'd prefer either a standard cap or captive one to pair with it.
Let me know what ya got ;)
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2021.09.16 17:34 Synchronysed You wouldn't get it

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2021.09.16 17:34 Afraid-Type8956 Oil Painting Process - Part 2. Preparing the surface for painting/laying...

I go over how to prepare MDF4 Board for doing oil painting for bookcover work specifically. How much of a tooth to leave etc. as well as how I lay in my underdrawing.
What is your favorite surface to paint on?

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2021.09.16 17:34 Substantial_Bus_4424 BabyADA! – Listed on CMC and CG💎 Baby BadAsses-Baby ADA's own NFT's just released💎 300 sold already 💎 Time square billboard planned for today !

Baby ADA-Baby BadAsses NFTS just launched!
We have a collection of NFTs that everyone will want to collect!
There are some tasty incentives for holding and even buying more - you get 5% of the minting fees in ADA.
Early investors will be sure to benefit!! Good thing this group has only 💎
They will be a collection of unique characters with proof of ownership stored on the BSC network .
Each NFT is randomly generated with a plethora of attributes using a top of the line algorithm. This ensures ultimate exclusivity.
The benefit 🏦
Not only do original minters get 5% reflection from the minting transactions.
When the marketplace is Live, the original creatominter of any NFT bought and sold will receive 5% of transactions on that NFT for life!
5% of the marketplace transaction volume will also go to holders as well!
7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold BabyADA tokens, earn ADA. Minimum 200,000 tokens
AUTO Rewards every 60 minutes! For the first time ever, you don’t need to claim your earned ADA. It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes.
3% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
NEVER ending Market with 5% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in ADA (swapped to ADA in real time to avoid dumps). So we can fuel the most ambitious projects and reward our active community.
SAFU as it gets! Initial Liquidity Provided is locked with MUNDRA.
FAIR-Launched. NO private sale, NO pre-sale, NO whitelist
Transaction Fees Buy & Sell Tax: 15%
7% is used to purchase ADA which is automatically paid out in dividends.
BabyADA proposes an innovative feature in its contract : DIVIDEND YIELD PAID IN ADA! With the auto-claim feature, simply hold BabyADA and you'll receive ADA automatically in your wallet. Hold Baby ADA and get rewards in ADA on every transaction!
THIS is 100% a HOLDERS token in merely 1 days time we have PUMPED from a fair-launch of UNDER $5k to spiking over $400k market cap twice! Gains so INSANE you would never believe it until you seen it!
BabyADA! – Listed on CMC and CG💎 Baby BadAsses-Baby ADA's own NFT's just released💎 300 sold already 💎 Time square billboard planned for todayBaby ADA-Baby BadAsses NFTS Launching on Friday this week! We have a collection of NFTs that everyone will want to collect! There are some tasty incentive300/300
Baby Ada:
💎 Contract: 0xe6f72463e07e4c7fabdc433353505940bbeace31
💎 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xe6f72463e07e4c7fabdc433353505940bbeace31
💎 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xe6f72463e07e4c7fabdc433353505940bbeace31#readContract
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2021.09.16 17:34 JungleZaddy Summer is coming to an end but everyday is a summer day with Raymond

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2021.09.16 17:34 5igorsk Лучшее по теме.

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2021.09.16 17:34 SummonMePikachu Kitchen Remodel

Looking for a good contractor or someone that is recommended to look at a kitchen remodel project and give a quote. I’ve had a hard time finding someone, please forward contact if anyone has a reputable / recommended group that does this kind of work.
Also have a backyard deck project that I may be tackling myself, but if possible, would like to see if that could be grouped in with Kitchen project.
Thank you all!
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2021.09.16 17:34 I_Want_Power_1611 20F looking for friends online

So, 2020/21 have been rough years for me. I have lost many friends that were very speciak to me and I feel quite lonely.
I'd love to have someone to talk about videogames (I own a Nintendo Switch), anime (Jujutsu Kaisen is great) and pets (I love cats). I'm from a small island on the caribbean, my first language is spanish. I'm currently studying Psychology.
I'm very shy and I've been dealing with a lot of crap lately. I have my fair share of emotional baggage, so having a few more people to talk with and distract myself would be great.
My inbox is open, so if anyone wants to chat, I'll be more than happy to.
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2021.09.16 17:34 yoyome85 I think I'll milk the 2 people

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2021.09.16 17:34 SwagAids End my suffering

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2021.09.16 17:34 Less_Researcher1130 Salvia

Where can I buy salvia? I live in Ohio by the way.
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2021.09.16 17:34 Chasith Squeezing lemon in eyes

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2021.09.16 17:34 DemUnderground Why don't hosts challenge Republicans?

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2021.09.16 17:34 Ackles95 You are admitted to heaven, but on one condition:

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2021.09.16 17:34 kuchakurase Just a little thing I whipped up. If you like it, I’d be happy to do one for each of the other friends.

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2021.09.16 17:34 _plyntirios_ Μόνο αλήθειες

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2021.09.16 17:34 cosmichulk Get $10 when you sign up for Wealthsimple Cash - No deposit required. Have your $10 in a few minutes. Code W3ER50 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 💵

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2021.09.16 17:34 JohniDani101 Identifying RED FLAGS! Or am I overthinking?

I’m dating someone new & have a question about red flags. I was really betrayed by most of my relationships due to their complete lack of self-awareness and emotional maturity. I usually stayed because of my own unresolved trauma re: healthy relationships/fear of being alone for long periods of time. It started with them making “joking” remarks about me being open when it comes to sex talk and my more liberal-leaning attitude around sex. Then, accusing me of lying about my amount of partners “jokingly”.
And even though I know that’s how some people joke, at this point, I’ve been abused and assaulted by men I’ve dated where it all started out as them “jokingly” saying to my face how little they respect me. And me choosing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
If i freely talk about sex and tend to share stories and experiences with the person I’m dating, should i be expecting these kinds of jokes? Because they’re honestly emotionally triggering at this point and I don’t want to be abused again.
The guy I’m seeing made a few jokes about me lying about my body count & I straight up asked him to stop after the second or third time, all by text. I felt awkward AF but he apologized and kept telling me “I thought it was just jokes, I don’t actually care”. But for me, a foundation of a potential relationship shouldn’t be rooted in you “jokingly” shaming/disrespecting me and accusing me of being a liar.
Am I taking it too seriously? He’s very considerate so far and really likes to be silly and joke, but at this point it seems like guys do that from a place of deep insecurity.
TL,DR: In the early stages of dating, if your partner makes jokes that come off very disrespectful, is that a red flag? And a sign to look elsewhere?
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2021.09.16 17:34 Thetimmybaby 'I don't disagree': GOP lawmaker reacts to reports on Trump's 'mental decline'

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2021.09.16 17:34 Complete_Duck Biggest brainus planktonus

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2021.09.16 17:34 ThamilandryLFY the edit for this season.... please Typical rant so be warned. No spoilers

I understand that all reality tv shows are just that--fashioned, staged, produced etc.
But by the edit I knew who was going to win by the third episode. The winner was as others have said the co-host, the narrator, the person who knew all the work and histories of all the legends, whose struggle would be emotional and dramatic (I know I'm going home delivered with appropriate tears and huge sighs) but yet somehow they overcame the setbacks to win..... blah blah blah.
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2021.09.16 17:34 DemUnderground Hey MSM, don't let GQP talk about Milley's reaction to the traitor without talking about what

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2021.09.16 17:34 SerialeTurcesti Menekse și Halil Episodul 5 Online Subtitrat in Romana - Seriale Turcesti Online

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