Prehab help

2021.09.16 18:14 bean_greens Prehab help

Getting injured in training is obviously really common. Does anyone have any prehab tips for knees and back specifically ?
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2021.09.16 18:14 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu Calls Vote Against Abortion Contracts ‘Incredibly Disappointing’

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2021.09.16 18:14 GrzesioCzesio How to fix this please help i have pink water every time i go to cave

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2021.09.16 18:14 alle15minuten Gerade ist es September 16, 2021 at 06:14PM

Gerade ist es September 16, 2021 at 06:14PM
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2021.09.16 18:14 Dasterr That Seagull earned that money, leave it alone

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2021.09.16 18:14 dabears---318 Too big to fail… right?

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2021.09.16 18:14 hqetdgv Preparing to watch new episode be like

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2021.09.16 18:14 pariisea Tire thumper baseball bat

I realize I could probably Google this, but I figured someone could give me more context and advice. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it, but I need a bat for self-defense. A friend told me to get a tire thumper, but didn't elaborate on it? Can anyone elaborate on what this is and maybe what the best that would be for a small-ish/average sized woman?
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2021.09.16 18:14 simplyecstatic Jeff Wilson no longer listed in IR on ESPN?

I wanted to add Jeff Wilson to my IR slot this morning after waivers cleared but now ESPN has him lasted as "Out" rather than "IR". Why is this? Can you still add players listed as Out to your IR?
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2021.09.16 18:14 ChromeShavings Democrats who voted for Biden, how do you feel about the recent choices he has made?

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2021.09.16 18:14 Eudaimonics Competing maps released as redistricting panel splits along partisan lines

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2021.09.16 18:14 Tuhin321 EtherNity project team gathered excellent professionals, I'm with you. Investing I recommend to pay attention to everyone! Do not miss, I support the project. #EtherNity #crypto #blockchain #cryptocurrency #cloud #decentralized #altcoin #confidentiality #privacy #token #coin

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2021.09.16 18:14 tymeat $LIDR IS THE NEW $IRNT WE MOONING 🚀

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2021.09.16 18:14 throwaway12245774939 Whats ur favs and least favs so far?

For me, favorites are IHY, tac nuke, chewing gum, n bleach. Least fav is nissan only
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2021.09.16 18:14 Hassaan18 Graham Norton Show announces Greg Davies, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and more

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2021.09.16 18:14 Fun-River-1375 🐶Mini BUSDoge🐶 Reflection Tokenomics Combined with the Doge hype. This will be BIG!

🐶Mini BUSDoge🐶

Mini BUSDoge is going to be the next Meme Token in the line of many. It has just Fair Launched on PCS and to prevent botting they introduced a 2% tx limit. Liquidity has been locked for 7 days and will be extended as the need arises. This token will stand out by utilizing the Hype around the Doge name in combination with the much loved auto-reflection and buyback tokenomics. Don’t you get sick of getting tokens from redistribution while selling them tanks the price? This token got you covered! Their redistribution comes right into your wallet in BUSD (stable coin lovers unite). They also have a buyback wallet in times of need when the price is low. Check out the tokenomics below for info and definitely check out their Telegram!


Token Supply:

Transaction Fees:

Total Fees (10%)

Liquidity Fee (2%)

Buyback Fee (1%)

Reflection Fee (6%)

Marketing Fee (1%)


Liquidity Fees are used to boost the Liquidity of the token until 25% Liquidity has been reached. After this the Fees will be added to the Buyback wallet until the Liquidity is out of balance again.


With the Buyback Fee the contract will accumulate BNB to use for a Buyback Event. In this event the contract will buy Tokens for 30 minutes and Burn them afterwards. Sell Fees will be doubled for the duration of a Buyback Event to prevent people from dumping.


To reward people for holding the token, 6% of each transaction is converted into BUSD and sent automatically to the wallets of holders. No more hassle with claim functions!


The most important part for a token to become successful is marketing. And for this, funds are needed. 1% of each transaction will be used solely for this purpose.

🔸 Contract: 0x9c9f1ca5be4eb034ca80df7601b78d68a827e27a

🔸 Buylink:

🔸 LP Locked:

🔸 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.16 18:14 Kambuzis ✨ SuperDog🐶 Stealth launch | High Doge rewards 8% | 1000x Gem | Low MarketCap | Don’t miss your opportunity !✨

SuperDog🐶 magically deposits filthy amounts of Doge tokens. Simply put, this means is you will be collecting Doge tokens directly into your wallet for holding WhaleSea tokens! Get rewarded now on every transaction on this fun speculative experiment token!
🎲 Stealth Launch
🤑 Dividend yield paid in Doge tokens!
Simply hold $SuperDog🐶 you will receive Doge tokens automatically to your wallet. Get rewarded for every transaction and add Doge tokens to your Metamask to see it rolling in!
🚨 Important Notes 🚨
\- No private sale
\- No whitelist
\- No pre-sale
\- Liquidity locked
\- Renounced Ownership
\- Huge pre-planned marketing for months
🔥7% Redistribution In DOGE
Hold $ SuperDOG, earn DOGE.
🔥3% Auto Liquidity Pool 3% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
🔥3% Marketing
Anti-Rug System - Secured by Design Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with for 3 years 🔥
🤑 Contract Address:
💷 Buy on Pancakeswap V2 :
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2021.09.16 18:14 zigmister21 🟩For those of you who are transferring/buying more GME on computershare, make sure you change your account type to "book".🟩

This will not be done automatically, and it apparently further removes your shares from the DTCC. I am happy I have seen such a wave of support for computershare, and I think it is important for people jumping on this train to know this is an option within computershare.
Here is a link to another post that shows you how to do it.
It will automatically set your fractional shares to sell but you can cancel that order right after you make the change. How to do that is in a comment of the post above.
This is super easy, it literally took me 30 seconds.
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2021.09.16 18:14 OPgaminC3124124 علامت XARMY در GTA SA این پستو به دست اریا برسونید

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2021.09.16 18:14 mastermind1228 Our Top 2021 Blockchain Reports

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2021.09.16 18:14 quuppa Could someone identify this?

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2021.09.16 18:14 Kfurt13 A day of food and drinks at DL. Descriptions and ratings in captions.

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2021.09.16 18:14 thementaltyrant Ava

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2021.09.16 18:14 PikabuBoy Гуси стрёмные, горилла подтвердит

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2021.09.16 18:14 Cheap-Clue-3688 What if we never broke up that night?

37M 35F
It really is sad...
The sad part is you knew who she was,
What meeting her means...
It meant that you had to make the choice to keep her, or lose her,
This is and will always be free will,
You knew when you felt that feeling,
Deep down in your heart of hearts,
She was your beginning middle and end.
That doesn't happen all the time!
It happens more than you think...
Oh, the feeling that she brings,
She was made to test you
She was made to teach you
She was made to try you
God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle!
She tried your patience
Pushed you to the point where you felt you were about to break
cursed you in front of the people you love, called you outside your name.
Now it's done and you thinking about it,
Good so long...
I can replace that,
Week passes
None of this is the same
These people and their fucked up, dating methods...
What the fuck is Poly?
Why doesn't anyone really care for me?
If I stopped giving to people would they even notice me gone?
Why do people make you choose and then get mad when you ask if they would do the same?
Why do women not try anymore?
No one wants to be a mom or a wife...
Most don't know how to cook,
Hell, I know how to cook so I guess we won't starve,
I miss her...
We are still friends and she's the only one who doesn't really ask for anything
Replaying it like a slow movie that slows even fast when it gets to the parts where I want it to just skip...
Nobody matches her, All I can see is her smile now...
I can't even say I blame her for breaking up with me anymore.
All those people who said I could do better are not around, and if they are they are happy and didn't like her anyway,
Getting someone isn't the problem...
It's getting someone who wants to keep me and be with just me, why is it so hard?
I found it once...
Over the moon crazy, damn looney tunes in love, would get mad and defend me even if I got mad at her for going off over nothing, she was fucking crazy LMAO!
She made sure everyone knew I belonged to her, and she was so proud, we got each other like no other, and to this day she still makes sure I am okay, they say that love finds you, you don't find it and I had it!
I guess I thought I had more time, or I could try to be with a couple of other girls before I asked her to be back with me, she was always there, she still is only a phone call away, I really can't tell her that I want her back, she's happy!
It's weird looking at it from the other side, feeling how those people felt who were coming at me, truth is he doesn't really deserve her and he looks like a knock-off me!
At the end of every night, no matter who I am with I always think of her before I go to sleep, and when I wake up, I still have our pictures and videos in my phone and backed up, in my mind, she will be back is this weird to think?
I was thinking about kissing her once more to see if she felt a spark but she is never around me, I couldn't even trick her into coming out, she doesn't talk to anyone I talk to anymore, and if she knows I am going to be somewhere she doesn't go.
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