What’s a perfect Hoto going for?

2021.10.19 23:59 bostonbill12 What’s a perfect Hoto going for?

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2021.10.19 23:59 krazzed911 BATTERY SAVER!!

So I was going thru my settings, cause I thought there must be something simple causing such a complex issue. And then I remembered from previous experience with other games, having battery saver turned on would kind of like but the game to sleep & kinda-of-sorta disconnect and/or stop what ever I had running in the background for that game causing me to lose progress.
Long story short, turned it off and my Go-tcha Evolve hasn’t disconnected since. Crazy, but let me know if this issue works for my you. Yes, I’ve switched thru apps and even turned my phone off (just like to sleep) and it disconnected in over 45mins. It would usually disconnect literally every couple of minutes. But that’s it hope this helps
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2021.10.19 23:59 Unseeliegirlfriend Advice and support; traumatized ‘lil Satin Pothos.

So— Sadi, my Silver Pothos, herself a propagation only a few months old, had to be chopped and propagated due to the root-rot I’d feared from the beginning, caused by a grotesquely sloppy serpentine propagation by store staff… 😔😔😔
I’m. Sad. And worried and livid, and will never shop at that plant-shop again, but— I managed to save 90% of her largest, most node-heavy vines, and like 65% of her overall original biomass is “intact”, as much as something can be, dismembered and in jars of water, was gently washed in water w 3% peroxide, rinsed again, and is now chilling in two separate jars, one for the largest and longest remains, one for the shorter ones I wasn’t as sure about.
If you have any sort of faith, pls pray for this little plant. I’ve had her less than 2 weeks, but I love her widdle satin pothos leafy green butt a lot a lot. She’s the first plant I adopted after a very stressful move, I adored her an unreasonable amount at first sight, she’s been growing furiously despite root rot which I now realize had begun to set in before I even purchased her, and… Just. I really want her to make it and thrive.
I’m also furious at the store staff, whose idea of “propogation” consisted of coiling a chunk of dead, black, rotting vine from the parent-plant up, shoving it halfway into the dirt with living tissue trying to grow up, overwatering it, and then arraying the leaves VVVVVERY carefully to hide how grisly her situation really was, until she grew big enough to need a repotting, a week later, despite her bad condition, whereupon I began to find things out.
Is there anymore I could be doing? Supplements? Rooting mix? Fertilizer? More sun? More warmth? Wrappings for the jars? I really, really care about this plant.
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2021.10.19 23:59 OG6Rizzo Always cleaning up after this boy boy.

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2021.10.19 23:59 ZoolShop Why does the UK have a higher Covid rate than Europe?

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2021.10.19 23:59 experimental-enby lost on labels (vent/ramble)

uh hi, so i’ve been trying to figure myself out for awhile now. i know i’m not cis and have sat on a nonbinary label for awhile now after dropping a simple mtf label. but now i think i identify closer with trans mtf but i know i’d never be able to present well enough to be considered feminine enough by myself or majority of the public so idk if i just stick with an nb label because i could possibly pass as such or what, i’m just lost
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2021.10.19 23:59 littlepigboy5 What is the difference between an anticholinergenic noot like huperzine a and just supplementing with choline/acetylcholine

As I understand it, huperzine a supposedly improves memory and cognition by preventing/slowing the breaking down of choline/acetylcholine in the brain. I am looking to improve memory and cognition, but there are some side affects of huperzine a, most notably slowed heart rate, that make me hesitant to try it. Might I gain a similar benefit from just supplementing with choline/acetylcholine?
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2021.10.19 23:59 Elysisdead My friend who I was co-writing a fic with started remaking it without me

So a few months a friend and I from discord started writing a fanfic about a AU we made together, we had a doc for the story and a doc for random bits and just had a great time writing it, overtime we stopped talking and writing it but semi-recently I started talking about the fic again in the group we and a few other friends are in and it had gone other quit well and my love for it has come back.
Today I check discord and they said they had started rewriting the thing, which yeah we definitely have both improved in writing skill since then but it was something we did together and to see them rewriting it out of nowhere without even mentioning it to me kinda hurts. Like we wrote it together live, we were both bouncing ideas back and forth as we wrote in the docs.
It just kinda stings and I'm to sacred to talk to them about it because I don't want to say the wrong thing and mess everything up with them.
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2021.10.19 23:59 Bumm_by_Design **Very excited to make pumpkin gnocchi...**

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2021.10.19 23:59 clintcolesmith I painted Geralt today.

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2021.10.19 23:59 Pristine-Apple [LF] floor light in light blue [FT] bells, wishlist, maybe I can craft for you!

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2021.10.19 23:59 Curious-Unicorn Making a left on a right turn only exit. Eggscellent decision.

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2021.10.19 23:59 roughravenrider The Rebel Army 🚀

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2021.10.19 23:59 SpeekyGeeky UNIVERSAL MONSTERS x TMNT [Stopmotion Commercial]

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2021.10.19 23:59 kangajab1 Can you create a self-hosted ddns to cloudflare on Linux?

Really want a script that I can put on one of my RB4s that will constantly update my records.
So I'm curious if cloudflare has commands that you can send to your account to update your records like other registrar providers have the ability to do.
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2021.10.19 23:59 huskyfootball 27M [friendship] Midwest Beers and Friends

Hey all!
Looking for someone to have a good conversion with.
I’m an engineer, flip houses on the side, love sports (football hockey UFC) and I love to cook. Love a good beer and just hanging outside with friends as much as possible!
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2021.10.19 23:59 jme1491 Wow. Literally the philosophies of men...mingled with scripture. 😐

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2021.10.19 23:59 devgamer Drawing The Battle Cats with Posca Pen

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2021.10.19 23:59 lcgjf99 Someone can tell me how can I to be a responsible girlfriend?

When I first to be a girlfriend formally, I usually feel happy but also difficult. Meanwhile, I don't know how to make him to love me more. And sometime I don't know why he will angry with me. One day, he tell me just be silent when he is playing mobile game...finally I understand what happen.
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2021.10.19 23:59 articlesarestupid Permanent resident duplicate DL online - voter registration question?

This is for my mother who's awful with technologies. I am helping her to order a duplicate copy of DL after moving within the US, and when we try the online one, we got a question about voter registration. We of course choose "decline" because she isn't eligible to vote, then the next question becomes: " I allow my signature already on file with the DMV to be used to sign this online declination." We didn't know if we have to press yes or No because I don't want her to inadvertently make a huge mistake with this and cause severe immigration complications, so we stopped and decided to try walk-in at the near DMV location instead to avoid problems. I looked at the paper form of the said voter registration form and it looks like if you are not a US citizen you shuoldn't even sign the form at all - is that correct?
This is North Carolina by the way.
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2021.10.19 23:59 Jvwade Netflix should pay me for the views

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2021.10.19 23:59 57nightjars going to die young

ok, so I am so sorry if this is inconvienient but i have magic powers and whatever I say comes true, so I have ceasar cyphered it because it shouldn't be too hard for people to understand what I am saying because it is easy and famous and the shift is 7, so you have what you need for this, and beacuse God can't do cryptanalysis, and (s)he(y) can't use the internet either, but (s)he(y) can see the things I write on it cause my thoughts are very readable. it's kind of funny, like, it's not that hard, I can do it ok and I am just some guy, anyways, I have realizeed that this maybe sounds like a joke and you have to belive that it isn't. I know I have a really hard time trusting other people, and whoever is reading this, I do not trust you at all and I firmly 100% belive that you are going to murder me, and everything else bad you could do to me, but I am pretty apathetoc about my safety right now so I am not being very careful or anything, but you all are probaly a little less crazy than I am, so, trust me on this, but also it's understandable if you think I want to murder you cause I think that about you, so, like, I get it. anyway, really sorry I had to write it like this, but it's a matter of life or death for me, so please understand even though I know you all want me to die. if I say anything else like this, the shift will always be either 7 or 4, but probably 4.
P ht nvpun av kpl ayhnpjhssf fvbun huk P ruvd pa huk P jhu'a kv hufaopun hivba pa huk P ht ulcly nvpun av hjolpcl hufaopun huk lclyfvul ohalz tl huk aolf jhu hss ylhk tf tpuk huk aolf hyl hss sfpun av tl huk aolyl'z jhtlyhz lclyfdolyl, P ohcl av jvuzahusf il dhajolk, huk aopz pz hss ylhs P wyvtpzl, P ht ulcly nvpun av il svclk pu aol ypnoa dhf huk P ht h wbwwla av mvyjlz tbjo shynly aohu tl, aolyl'z hupthsz vu lhyao dl jhu'a zll jhbzl aolf hyl mpcl kptluzpvuhs huk nvvk ha opkpun iba P jhu zll aolt zvtlaptlz huk aolf ahsr av tl huk P sprl aolt iba P kvu'a huk aolf zvbuk sprl dohslz, iba aolf zwlhjr lunspzo huk tvza vaoly shunbhnlz huk aolf hyl vsk, huk zvtl vm aolt dhua av zxbpzo tl sprl hu puzlja huk P ruvd dolu aovzl vulz hyl jvtpun huk zvtlaopun pz nvpun av ohwwlu pu 2022, huk pu pa'z hbnbza, wyvihisf aol 5ao, 6ao, huk 3yk, huk P dvua kpl aolu p dpss wyvihisf kpl pu sprl hyvbuk 4-5 flhyz thfil vy zvtlaopun vm h ubtily vm jhbzlz huk P kvu'a dhua aoha av ohwwlu, iba P ruvd pa dpss huk aoha'z uva aol zovyalza wvzzpisl aptl iba pa dpss il uva h svun aptl, jhbzl aptl pz ylhssf ylhssf mhza tf luapyl spml mllsz sprl pa avvr h zljvuk, dl hyl hss qbza iyplm mshzolz, huk aoha'z ylhs ulha, iba P dhua h mbss-slhunao mshzo, huk p jhu zll pa jvttpun sprl h ayhpu huk P jhu'a kv hufaopun hivba pa huk aolf hyl hss nvpun av dhajo pa ohwwlu, huk P jhu'a kv hufaopun hivba pa, iba pm P ohcl thnpj wvdlyz huk aol zabmm P zhf hsdhfz jvtlz aybl, aolu P ht sfpun, vr, bupclyzl?
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2021.10.19 23:59 Luxb83 Stupid cats

Those bitches don't feel love for humans they are just there for convenience. Worst part is when they leave the home and the ex owners are willing to give money for the little motherfucker who just figured out that living free on their own is way better hahaha.
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2021.10.19 23:59 maclura-pomifera test

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2021.10.19 23:59 ILKSMxx New 5 Ogres joining the club tonight at 11:30 PM EST. Link in comments for opensea

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