What's your house guest policy?

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2021.10.20 01:02 Manch-Vegas What's your house guest policy?

When friends and family are in town, how many nights are you truly comfortable having them stay? I don't mean extreme situations, like a flood, earthquake or political turmoil. They're in town for a casual visit. They can easily afford hotel accommodations etc.
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2021.10.20 01:02 thesleepykitty First ranked duel ever. I get to play a diamond border Grandmaster Anhur. Love the matchmaking sometimes

First ranked duel ever. I get to play a diamond border Grandmaster Anhur. Love the matchmaking sometimes submitted by thesleepykitty to Smite [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 01:02 Quarteroz_847 How should I defoliate these? I'm coming up on week 3. Should I do a little bit wait a couple days and hit them again? More in comments.

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2021.10.20 01:02 Devolucionario Kansono: Eu sei (Me savas) - DBZ ED2 PT-BR

Me savas Me savas Me savas Me savas Me savas Me savas
Ula tempo pasesas quen me ankore memoras to omna que pasis
Omna vorti quen ni dicis paco, feliceso ed amo
iti esas nia armi por cesar la soleso e la doloro
Nia amikeso esas forta lu sempre triumfos
E me sentas ula energio kande me vu vidas la maxim grandega povo restis kun ni
Kun mea amiki e multa kurajo en mea kordio singla obstaklon me konquestos, sempre
Vereso, fido ed espero lumizas mea vivar e nia dio balde arivos
Singla revo realeskos Sentar la joyo e la plezuro di vivar.
Vivez, vivez, vivez
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2021.10.20 01:02 thinkB4WeSpeak Army vet accused of faking paralysis to get $1 million in VA benefits, using some to buy BMW

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2021.10.20 01:02 madlad1382 What is the most appropriate way to ask a girl about how many guys he is dating atm?

So I (M18) made a Redit post earlier this week explaining that I suspect someone (F21) I went on a date with (a first date) is dating multiple guys at once. I got mixed feedback from that post, but most said that I should ask her about it. We are going on a second date in a few days. What do you think is the most appropriate and subtle way to bring this up to her? Or even, do you think I should bring it up?
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2021.10.20 01:02 Metalock There are 1,800,000 orphans in Nigeria. In over 100 days, 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda. Over 19,000 men are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year.

There are 1,800,000 orphans in Nigeria. In over 100 days, 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda. Over 19,000 men are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year. submitted by Metalock to kennyvsspenny [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 01:02 Background_Weekend_7 Happy birthday pharmacy techs or something? I don’t know. What would you say pharmacy tech day is, exactly?

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2021.10.20 01:02 OCYorkie3 I Put a Spell on You!

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2021.10.20 01:02 mitrobe How I Secured US Scholarships Worth $206,510/Year- Promise Ekpo Osaine

I am thrilled to announce that I have secured a fully-funded scholarship to study for my Ph.D. program in computer science at the Ivy League college, Princeton University which is the #1 in National Universities in the US according to US news. In addition, I got 3 Ph.D. offers ( Uni. of Notre Dame, Uni. of Colorado & Kent) and 3 master’s offers (Western Illinois, Alabama & SLU).
As a 22-year-old Nigerian lady from Akwaibom, who attended Uniben, this means a whole lot to me.
Growing up, people used the name “OKON” for derogatory examples & it impacted my self-esteem. I am sharing this story to inspire every youth & girl-child out there.
They can achieve anything they set their minds to regardless of their humble financial & educational background, skin color, nationality, age, or gender.
My Journey to obtaining these scholarships was rigorous as I sent 140 cold emails, received 11 rejections & worked my 8-5 Job(sleepless nights)
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2021.10.20 01:02 Impossible-Pomelo-19 Título está hipocrisado

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2021.10.20 01:02 Bamelin Hypersign Identity Token - 1.3 million MC - Taking on Okta, 2FA, and TOTP - targeting enterprise huge utility

$HID is the best microcap out there rn and IMO the best actual shot at a 100x this cycle that isn't a complete shitcoin without sound fundamentals. Their technology makes 2FA, passwords, and TOTP obsolete - which, as an industry amounts to a value in the triple digit billions.
It's currently sitting at a 1.3mill marketcap.. 4.4m circulating supply. 50m max supply, vesting schedule of around 1m released per month. That means that all the coin needs to gain is 22.7% this next month to outpace inflation.. At a 1.7m marketcap thats more than feasible, and that inflation percentage will actually continue to decrease over time. Ex: next month, 5.4m circulation + 1m new = ~18% inflation, 6.4 + 1m new = ~15% inflation, you get the gist.
They are partnered with Elrond, Harmony One, AllianceBlock, Ontology, and many more to be announced.. They also have also won numerous payment security awards from likes of Harmony and Accenture.
Let's take even just one company for example - Okta, which essentially does what hypersign would do, in a less efficient, less secure, and less convenient way. They made 560m in revenue in 2020. $HID is a 1.3M marketcap, offering a superior solution… Do the math.
Their founders experience includes a deep background of identity access management and security, working for top companies in India and the middle east, including the government of the United Arab Emirates.
Here's the whitepaper https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aHOIXvijMcsXQYucC1kPTM6x7IfgNIZV7BFITKCaoOw/edit#heading=h.ajqnydgs10wh
And telegram: https: // t.me/ hypersignchain
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2021.10.20 01:02 JamesRUstlerIV Little Debbie what?

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2021.10.20 01:02 trymeouteh What do I use to pay for fees? And what do miners receive from fees?

If I was sending xUSD or xAU, will I pay my transaction fee in xUSD when sending xUSD and pay my transaction fee in xAU when sending xAU?

And for a xAU transaction, will the miner receive xAU as the reward or will it get converted to XHV and the miner will always receive XHV?
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2021.10.20 01:02 FoonVanHoff Premarital counseling

My daughter will be 20, and her military fiancé 23 when they marry in January after a year long engagement. I’d like to find them a premarital book for them to work through together these next couple months that will help them talk about things like expectations vs reality, division of labor, how to mitigate arguments in a healthy way, etc. They both are from single parent homes raised by the same sex and don’t have experience with functional marriages. The books I’ve found have been Christian based, which I’m not opposed to, but I’d really like to find something more secular.
Tldr: i need a book for 2 young adults who have never seen a functional marriage.
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2021.10.20 01:02 thodon123 Specialized Crux 2021 (Apex 1) Cassette Query

Hello. I have a 2021 Specialized Crux with Apex 1. I have the factory wheels installed. Specialized have confirmed a Shimano/SRAM 11's drive body but can't provide the part number for the cassette (11-36T Sunrace 11 Speed). There is no part number on the cassette and Sunrace make a MTB and Road 11 Speed 11-36T Cassette. Looking at the picture I have posted it looks as if there is a spacer at the end of the cassette. Does that indicated that it is using a MTB cassette? If anyone is familiar with the bike can they please clarify. Thank you.
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2021.10.20 01:02 acidtest26 Can you get multiple free meals at the same food chain on your birthday? (IHOP, Denny's, etc.)

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2021.10.20 01:02 TrueLegend777 CE 274 Exam thoughts?

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2021.10.20 01:02 yuzux3 She sits

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2021.10.20 01:02 gaming_insaan_yt123 Mahishasur Vadh drawing by my hands

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2021.10.20 01:02 DaFoxtrot86 Nada took the boat, but my uncle sabotaged it

Despite how long ago I posted stories about my step great grandmother Nada, I recently found out another part of the story from my mother. As an old post I made about her stated that after my great grandfather passed away she tried to sue my family for everything and lost, but somehow still got my great grandfather's fishing boat in the lawsuit. My uncle exploited a technicality that the boat's outboard engine was not included in the deal because it technically wasn't an original part of the boat. So he ripped it off before Nada came for it. And it's been sitting in a shop ever since.
The part I didn't know till recently was that my uncle also sabotaged the boat by making holes in the underside. So it'd start to sink once in the water. And apparently he made the holes look like they had been caused by rock damage like it'd hit jagged stones. Nada would have had to have paid someone to fix it as only an aluminum welder could close those holes, or she would have had to just sell the boat in it's damaged state, which left it nearly worthless. We don't know what she did with it. But it likely cost her either way.
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2021.10.20 01:02 GoingOffRoading Odd issue starting service in container... Glusterfs... No issue with Docker Run, fails in Kubernetes

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2021.10.20 01:02 RBrabbit17 Gym Leader Falkner by Mythpy on Deviantart

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2021.10.20 01:02 luferrugini [homemade] Passion fruit cake

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2021.10.20 01:02 OrangAsliIndo Asking for a movie title that I forgot

Hi y'all! If you don't mind, I wanna ask for a movie about a guy who just released from prison and continue his trucking job where he witnessed a police shooting during his night shift. The story's good for me, but I always forgot the title and it's been a year or so now. Does it ring any bell?
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