Meeting for the first time!!

2021.10.20 01:53 -bunnybabe Meeting for the first time!!

My boyfriend and I have finally booked a place and it’s confirmed!! I’m so excited to meet him in person for the first time and i’m so happy we were finally able to get dates that worked for both of us. We are going on 11 months and have been trying to meet for a while. I’m thinking of getting him a little gift to bring with me and give to him on our trip. I was thinking matching pj’s but idk if that’s too cringe lol. Idk i’m just so excited and so happy to be able to see him and hug him.
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2021.10.20 01:53 Freako987 Shuttle worth it?

Staying about 1.2 miles from the civic center. My questions are:

  1. Is the shuttle a total mess when leaving after the festival each day?
  2. How does using the shuttle compare to just using normal public transportation (BART)?
  3. How expensive is it to just use Lyft each day instead? Is surge pricing bad due to the festival?
  4. How accessible is the park for Lyft/Ubers?
Thanks :)
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2021.10.20 01:53 EB200X does anyone have a file or fixz to this?

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2021.10.20 01:53 ADPXEROX Everybody’s a ______ if you push them far enough

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2021.10.20 01:53 Wonderful-Junket-727 🎂 #SquidCake | 8% CAKE Rewards! | 🎯Launched 10 mins ago | 1000x Moonshot!! 🚀

Welcome to #SquidCake, Get in early!!
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🔹We should really be able to pump this up and do a great job! Imagine getting CAKE to stake or whatever, just for chilling and holding!!
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2021.10.20 01:53 ClassicGuy2010 Cual ha sido un invento de origen mexicano que ha ayudado al mundo en general, pero no es tan reconocido como debe?

Yo diría que sería la Televison a Color, más que nada por como se propagó tan rápido por el mundo
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2021.10.20 01:53 Stan-Darsh5184 YOU GUYS! I FINALLY, finally did it...pls read and give me ups I am so happy 😊

Hello! You're friendly, terrible gungeoneer SpaceCoyote here. If you ever browse my postings or have seen me here all I do is ask for help, ask why I am so terrible, what can I do to be better blah blah...I love this game so much, and after 922 runs I FINALLY beat the High Dragun with Hunter. I was literally handed this run and I am totally ok with it lol. Anything and everything I needed to have or buy I could and did and I blew through this as easy as possible, and I am ok with it. My heart is so happy! I see you guys post so much fun and cool shit here and I wantes to experience it too ☹ ...its a very little win for me but it made me not give up on the game. So my question to yall now is, what do I do next? I have only one part for the Bullet, I do not have robot, I am basically terrible and finally got one little W. I made sure to shoot that dumb dumbs head at the end (thank yall), and gave it to the Blacksmith. Did I kill the Hunters past? Do I repeat this with all characters? Thank you guys for being a great sub! Its been a rough year and this has really brought me great joy/angerage/happiness 😊 If I could post my final ammonomicon from my run I would if I knew how. I had ALL. THE. THINGS.
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2021.10.20 01:53 KovalentViper I started my pop punk obsession early in my college years with my personal big 3: knuckle puck, state champs, neck deep. Just recently I started getting into the story so far; I guess what I’m asking is, do y’all got any recs on similar bands/in the same vain as some of my favorites? 🤙

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2021.10.20 01:53 DrHolowatyj Fertility and sexual health after pancreatic cancer: Research study

If you were diagnosed with cancer between ages 18 and 49, please share your experiences in a confidential, 30-minute online survey to help us learn more about how cancer and its treatments may impact reproductive health, here:
With the Reproductive Health After Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (REACT) Study, we hope to gather valuable information from individuals like you that will help us to better understand the highest needs and concerns are related to reproductive health—specifically for individuals diagnosed with a cancer before age 50.
(Asked & Approved by Moderators.)
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2021.10.20 01:53 RedKnight757 Saw this in a recent trailer...

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2021.10.20 01:53 sidyaaa sometimes i feel like everyone has me on ignore

i wish you could see how many people have you on ignore
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2021.10.20 01:53 RevolutionaryAd9792 Looking for friends/parties!

My girlfriend (19F) and I (30M) are looking for friends to have adventures with and party! We’ve really been lacking parties and experiences this past year due to covid, we’d love to experience a UBC party at least once before the year end. If any of you know if any parties happening these coming week please let us know! And also DM if you want to become friend!
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2021.10.20 01:53 Penofort The Next Dip

Looking at the charts and what not , when is it predicted for the next dip to happen ? Trying to put money aside to buy the next dip . Probably December ?
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2021.10.20 01:53 Myusuf05 What's going on with pictures of people in negative colours with captions "Evil be like..."?
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2021.10.20 01:53 BigPpHansuke Dancing Tips for a new 15 year old guy

Hello, Id like to ask for advice, as well as dancing routines I could do. I started like 3 weeks ago and I found some kpop choreos cool so I gave it a shot and well... I specifically want to learn House, Hip-hop and modern style dances.
I generally practice an hour a day (at house alone) as warm up and get to working out. Is there anything that could help me move faster and smoother, as well as feel lighter when dancing? Are there any routines which could help me improve quickly? Or any exercises or stretches which helps for dancing?
I also have limited room space (about 3 meters) but I hope it wouldn't be a bother.
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2021.10.20 01:53 rpranay Did like 5 or 6 of these and got Lukaku and now Robertson road to knockout

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2021.10.20 01:53 Butcher003 Me and my girlfriend are 3 years apart, we never had sex and we don’t plan on it until she’s 18, can i get in trouble?

so i’m 19 and my girlfriend is 16, i don’t really care if people think it’s weird cuz we’re a secret not many people know but someone kinda found out and freaked out on me. idk if he’s telling people that me and her are dating (idk if he knows who she is or anything) but anyway if he would tell someone could i get in trouble. we never had sex or anything sexual. basically we just date so liek holding hands, cuddling, kissing. stuff like that. i looked it up and it says we can simply date but nothing sexual. but that was in 2013 so idk if that’s the case still. i really don’t wanna end things with her but if it means i’ll get into trouble then i might just have too.
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2021.10.20 01:53 esgberg [help]Is there anyway to backup installed tweaks well In a jailed state taurine messed up and I want to save my tweaks before I restart

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2021.10.20 01:53 Fat_Anime_Fan [DUNE] If the only means of FTL is through the Spice, and the Spice can only be found on Arrakis, how did the first humans get to Arrakis?

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2021.10.20 01:53 Ok_Bee_1844 Any ideas on this sword?

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2021.10.20 01:53 Tororoki 2 agresori care au omorat un om prin injunghiere au fost achitati de tribunal (unul a primit 2 ani cu suspendare si unul a fost achitat complet)

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2021.10.20 01:53 navf70 What Secondary Sources do you find Most Helpful for Finals Studying?

Greetings lawschool...
I'm looking for advice on secondary sources. I've been doing a good job of keeping up with readings/notes, outlining, and have done the handful of practice problems each professor has provided throughout the semester so far. However, I want to try and allocate some time each week to studying via secondary sources when I don't have more pressing needs. I would ideally like to find a good source of issue spotter practice problems in addition to whatever else may be helpful.
Our school provides access to Quimbee and I noticed they have a pretty extensive array of prep materials, but I didn't want to dive into those before I asked here which other sources people find most helpful. Obviously, this will be a secondary method of studying, but I think it would be helpful to practice with some other materials since my professors only provide practice problems once in a while. I'm trying to get started a little early so as to lessen some of the inevitable reading/finals weeks stress.
Any advice is appreciated!
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2021.10.20 01:53 Ok_ResolvE2119 Luffy v Katakuri feat. Flampe AKA Flampe is Luffy's ACTUAL savior.

Look, I'm an average guy, trying to be a writer, and my admiration for Oda is endless (cue shameless ahegao breathing). But it doesn't stop me from criticizing him. And believe me it doesn't.
Luffy vs Katakuri was originally one of my favorite fights and later re-reading... Did not give me that feeling. So like any aspiring writer, I just looked deeper and deeper to validate my thoughts.
1. How to accidentally make overpowered obstacle. When establishing an enemy for the hero to conquer, you have to make sure that the protagonist can overcome them in a way, and that the issue.
Katakuri first comes off strong, he's deadly and powerful, his precognition was putting stakes on the plate. And while Pedro's death (which was actually permanent!) upped the stakes for the time, the fight was sorta... Tiring.
After the wedding's scene of Pudding's forced Freudian Excuse so that Sanji can walk away from any repercussions of his idiotic masculinity and chauvinism, WCI arc went into a slog, just like Dressrosa. The arc decided that it needed the LvK fight to stretch itself, which frankly is the problem.
Katakuri is too damn broken.
When he was fighting Luffy, he showed his pseudo-Logia and precog, but then Oda decided that it needed more and came Mochi Gatling.
Quick thing here; WHAT THE FUCK!?
That scene shows the peak of the problem of Katakuri. For starters, there has never been a Logia that has done that level of shapeshifting (except maybe Monet, but being in an environment of ice and snow may have helped), like, if you took another Logia doing this with Haki, you'd probably have entire battles being shortened because of this bullshit.
But this fight with Luffy highlights the problems with the battle. The fight itself was consisting of Luffy getting his techniques copied but with Katakuri just constantly being better at it, and this was a good start-off, establishing that he's strong and Luffy's future improvement. But...
2. Don't give power upgrades so easily. When Awakenings were introduced, it was really a big deal, Zoans seemed really easy to figure out, except for Mythical's (which are basically just Zoans with Paramecia powers). Having a power like this meant you reached the peak of mastering you powers... And it was used as a way to excuse Luffy out of the fight.
I wasn't and still not fully against that, but I honestly wished that it was Big Mom that showed Awakening instead, the Mochi-Mochi no Mi had an Awakening that was already seen, so seeing one from a Devil Fruit that not basic (the pseudo-logia thing was the only unique thing about it), But the problem becomes clear when Oda forgets it.
Gears are pretty different in that regard, they use up more energy and actually hamper physical power and the whole fight could be flipped. Awakenings on the other hand, doesn't have the same taxing issues and Katakuri uses it once. It's different from Doflamingo, who used it in his final fight, because he could and still lost.
This isn't a critique on Doffy, but one on the final phases of both fights, Doffy used Awakenings to the max, but Katakuri didn't use it at all. It's kinda feels wasted on him really.
3. If the asspull is initiated by another character, it's an asspull. A common trope in japanese media is the Japanese Spirit, let me break it down for you, because it has three basic parts.

Koyū "固有" (or Innate) is any trait, gift or possession that makes someone a Born Winner, whether they're aware of it or not.

This is a theme One Piece has a weird history with, being that Luffy has a heritage that breaks minds in-universe, Zoro possibly being a Shimotsuki, and many major characters of the current generation having powerful parents (Yamato/Kaido, Katakuri/Linlin, Ace/Roger, etc.) and that those that don't are either rare (Kidd & Law) or are just much older (Marco, Jinbei, etc.).

Chie "知恵"(or Insight/Resolve) is a belief or faith that remains correct and unshakable, and has more value even than the believer's life.

This made some plays inside the story, we could have scenes that dedicated to prove that Katakuri's conviction isn't as strong as he would think, he's been so reliant on his precog that he's like a glass canon (instead of headcanons, let's make it canon).
We would be able to see the difference, sure Katakuri has a better Devil Fruit, and he has awakening, all three Haki, but his conviction just isn't there. The big one has never been put through the wringer for a long time. That would've been good.

Seishin "精神"(or Spirit/Persistence) is a level of vigilance, competitiveness and willpower which overcomes the impossible just by "trying harder".

Now we're here, the meaty part, the grand Beef Wellington, the la bonne merde, as the french would say.
This right here has been the most defining point of Luffy's character (as with every Shonen hero), and has been present for every arc (except for Fishman Island arc, the enemies were just punching bags), so having it here would make sense right?
The beginning of the fight, Luffy was getting his ass handed to him, fucked off with Brulee, came back and gained his future vision, which actually lines up with with Musabi (The power of creation), in simpler terms it's the 11th-Hour Superpower and it sorta made sense for Luffy's development.
But my breaking point came at one character: Charlotte "why the fuck are you 15 and a minister and squad captain" Flampe.
If you could put every single flaw at the fight, this bitch is the solidification of it, why? Because she's like the Linlin to Katakuri Pudding's forced FE, a strawman for Oda to use. She has the little sistebig brother to make Enfant Terrible for him, somehow best sis because of a weird sibling contest created for plot convenience, hates Katakuri when he ridicules her for interfering, takes pictures him to embarrass, hates his face (HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR FAMILY!? there's this dude who looks like a diabetic neck-beard's semen came to life from his moldy masturbation tissues.) and is basically annoying to the point of caricatured Flanderization without any character to begin that with.
You can even tell that somehow, Oda rushed to make her. Neither sensed her or her attacks until later, her weird suit somehow affects her lungs for her blow dart, she logically should be a cyborg. Hell, her character has like three traits and two of them were inverted by the end.
It also shows that Oda couldn't trust Luffy to win on his own and had a straw character be the crux of a convoluted reasoning to why he won. The worst part is that if you actually looked at it closely enough, Katakuri has literally no reason to give an honorable fight. He has done nothing but bleed his precog dry, making pragmatic fighting decisions, like making sure Luffy never activates Gear 4th, mimicking his every move but better. Why the hell would switch that up? Also, taking away the fact that he's a pirate, Luffy:
  1. Kidnapped Brûlée.
  2. Attempted to attack his siblings (right in front of him, mind you).
  3. Actually attacked his siblings and continued to endanger his family.
You could say Linlin is also responsible for endangering his family, but she's also the reason they're safe most of the time and Luffy was a chaos bringer not connected like that.
Imagine if the fight was allowed to continue without her, Luffy would end going to Snakeman and beat Katakuri, but going by canon, Oda literally wrote Katakuri to have a new personality trait to asspull Luffy into victory.
Oda even forgot the darts, since it seemed forgotten all things considered when Luffy went Gear 4th, and Katakuri never being accepted seemed to be weirdly his own fault, he lives in a kingdom built from schizophrenic/bipolar mother's belief of no discrimination before she got badly retconned so Oda can have his "16-year-old bangs adult" fetish fulfilled. His older siblings already knew, what the hell were he doing? The threat of 10-year-olds making poorly thought out insults and siblings being endangered were behind way before Pudding was born, why the hell did he continue following Perospero's advice?
Hell, Brûlée knowing about his weird snaking shit makes it worse when you realize she never bothered to help her brother with his insecurities, emotionally neglected his struggles and just stalked him when he felt free.
Luffy should have just lost, and it would have been fine, sometimes the protagonist has to fall, and Luffy did fall against Crocodile, Lucci and Marineford (though that's more metaphorical). It's part of the reason why I call Dressrosa and WCI Oda's "experiments".
There are still some problems though, what's you're thoughts?
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2021.10.20 01:53 roberto__bert To KangaArts, TShinotu145 & BumbleTheee, your a disgrace, Jack getting you to make a subreddit to bully stephen, is a disgrace, also KangaArtz, stop trying to be jack's sidekick

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2021.10.20 01:53 No-Way7059 can anyone relate

my boyfriend had always watched porn. we are both young (18 but he is almost 19) and we started dating about three years ago. we grew up and matured together. we would both watch porn, we would do it together sometimes. It became a problem when I found another girls underwear in his closet. I thought he was cheating on me but it turns out he actually stole them from a friends older sister. He would constantly talk about how “weird” this girl was and I always thought to myself hmmm I wonder why he is always talking about her. That was before I found the underwear. Then after that’s when I noticed he was not who I thought he was. That all happened about a year after we started dating. I chose to forgive him as best I could because I really loved him. About four months later I found a secret phone with nudes of girls from our school that he had secretly kept. These were nudes that were shared in a group chat of boys in our freshman year( long before we were together or even talking ) . Now when that group chat was exposed those boys all got into legal trouble . He would always tell me how he learned his lesson. But yes ok so anyways I found that secret phone with all the weird ass pictures (had some up a girls skirt without her knowledge) . I confronted him and I should have left him. Of course I didn’t. He got rid of the phone and we moved on. I started finding more porn on his phone and would joke about it because it did not threaten me at the time or offend me That’s when I found “creep shots” in his history. More pictures taken of women without their knowledge. (There is websites dedicated to these pictures) He told me he was embarrassed and he would stop. (I think this was around a year and a half ago) Next I found the photo vault apps. I never got into those and I am kind of glad I didn’t because it would just be more for me to think about. Then I found out he was jerking off to other pictures of girls he knew from school. Girls who would want nothing to do with him. He was looking at pictures of them in bikinis and whatever else he could find. From his history it was pretty clear that he was masturbating to them whenever he had the chance. He would call me in the morning before school to tell me good morning and I would always say noooo call me back in five minutes and he was always so quick to say ok no problem little did I know he wasn’t being kind. He was using that time to jerk off. Now that is when things got serious. I told him I would not put up with it anymore (this was almost a year ago) he admitted he is addicted to porn and agreed to try and stop his habits. He slipped a few times and had watched porn. To my knowledge he hasn’t been jerking off much and when he does it’s to me. I don’t know how much I believe him but I’ve been trying. Most things I read only involve partners watching porn . Have any of you experienced partners looking at pictures of people they know in real life?? I am completely disgusted and have no idea what to do with myself. I do not like him anymore. I loved him. If none of this ever happened I would be glad to marry him right this second because other than those problems he was always amazing and our personalities sync together. But I cannot look past these things . I love his family and I love him very much. I only have my grand parents and young siblings that do not live with me for family. My mother is very mentally ill and my father died two and a half years ago. I have a couple close friends but I feel like I will not be ok without him. I’m so upset that this had to happen it makes me feel so hopeless.
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