Love the panoramic sunroof on my new Kia Sorento PHEV

2021.10.20 00:37 therightcoaster Love the panoramic sunroof on my new Kia Sorento PHEV

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2021.10.20 00:37 guster09 I promise it works

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2021.10.20 00:37 wordsalad667 Where to buy "cheap" fish that is ok to eat raw

I absolutely love raw fish but I have no idea where to get it safely and without spending an arm and a leg. I've only seen "sushi grade" fish like tuna and salmon at wegmans or whole foods (US chains) for pretty expensive but I now live in Quebec and those don't exist here. Anyone know where's the best place to look, what's a reasonable price, and what to look for? It doesn't have to be really good fish and im not picky about the type (although I dont love imitation crab :() I just don't want a parasite.
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2021.10.20 00:37 albk1993 Found out I wasn’t a bridesmaid via wedding website

Hey y’all. Feeling a bit down after I essentially found out I would indeed not be a bridesmaid in a very close friends wedding this summer after she shared her wedding website to myself and another friend, who I found out the same way, that she would indeed be a bridesmaid.
While I completely respect her decision, there have been a few mixed signals leading up to the this and I’m curious if I’m reading too much into this or not! Also feel like the situation should have been handled differently given our history and friendship.
To start, I have been close friends with this girl for 5 years now, we have been in a close knit group between the two of us and our other friend (I know, groups of threes 🙄). She was in my wedding two years ago and us both in the other friends a year ago -I do not expect her to ask simply bc of this detail. While I moved across the country in the middle of the pandemic when I was furloughed and got a new opportunity, we have stayed in really close contact (texting, Skype sessions here and there, daily work chats over gchat, etc).
Conversations obviously have been a lot revolving around her wedding, and there have been ones where she’s excitedly asked for mine and my other friends’ addresses (assuming this was for the bridesmaid boxes she told us about a few days prior). Another conversation two months ago was her sharing her bridesmaid dress color scheme and style, we all went back and forth on ones we found on other sites that were similar, I even mentioned, “I love this idea, everyone is going to look beautiful, I can’t wait to keep looking and find my favorite to wear.” To which she responded, “yay!.” Cut to today and she just shared her wedding website link in our group daily gchat and I click to the wedding party to see myself very much not there and our other friend listed. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement, but again I completely understand and respect such a decision after having to do so myself at my own wedding. Am I wrong though in misunderstanding where things were? Shouldn’t she have reached out prior and given me a heads up out of respect? I just feel like there’s a trust broken there and I don’t know how to navigate.
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2021.10.20 00:37 DietNOTeasy I bet y'all barely remember this

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2021.10.20 00:37 mMjSk99 If Al Gore won in 2000, does that make Hillary Clinton more or less likely to become President?

View Poll
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2021.10.20 00:37 xXHacker69Xx What are good alternatives for a closet?

Hi folks,
Atm, im in a compromising situation where I don’t have a closet and won’t have one for the next coming 2 years.
How should I go about organizing my clothes? How can I keep them tidy and clean without a closet? (I have a bit of space on a carpeted floor now where I pile them all up).
I need help! Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.20 00:37 AnAmericanWhosNotFat They would be disappointed and amazed at the same time.

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2021.10.20 00:37 icydata Recap: WPG @ MIN

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2021.10.20 00:37 SlurryBender Is the doorbell minimum operating temperature really that low?

Hi, thinking of getting a video doorbell at some point, but then noticed the Operating Temperature had a low of only - 4 F. In Minnesota, that can be the average high for weeks at a time in the winter. Does anyone have any experience/advice with keeping a doorbell out in below -4 degrees? Should I even bother trying?
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2021.10.20 00:37 Hinzir02 Every team had 2 chances to win the tournament except winner bracket winners.

In my opinion this double elimination format has this flaw which is unfair for the winners in winner bracket. I know this was always the case but if we look at the current TI LGD did not have 2nd chance all other teams had. For fairness there should be 2nd set of Best of 5s to be played. I know it will be boring for us who watches these tournaments etc but its fair way imo.
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2021.10.20 00:37 Altruistic-Ad-4059 Is this a bug? Im gambling for coronets as you can see in my inventory and the gamble window changed the coronet to a circlet...i did not refresh the screen.

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2021.10.20 00:37 Low-Apple My [20F] outlook on life is increasingly souring

Using my alt account because I don’t feel like getting attention on my main.
For the past two years I feel like nothing has been real. I graduated high school in 2019 and went to college that summer, excited to start the next chapter in my life. Things were difficult at first and I had trouble with keeping up on classes, but I eventually found my footing and met some awesome people along the way.
Then, in the spring of my freshman year (it feels so long ago now but I think this was the spring of 2020?), the coronavirus became a thing none of us could ignore. We were told we had to go back home and classes would be conducted remotely until further notice. I’ve been entirely virtual for the last two years now. I spent my entire sophomore year online and now I’m a junior and I just feel… like I’m not really in my second to last year of school at all.
I ended up leaving my school due to money reasons, covid and a change of major so now I attend community college back in my home city (still entirely remotely, not sure about next semester). I wasn’t even away from home for a year and although I’m not resentful towards my family for having to transfer, I just feel like I’ve been thrown around these past couple years.
Not for the first time, I’ve considered dropping out and just foregoing school altogether. My dream is to be a freelance writer and you don’t exactly need a four year degree to do that. I already run my own blog and am writing as much as I can while looking for jobs. My mom would be pissed so I haven’t even mentioned how I’m feeling to her, I don’t even know how to breach the subject lol. I just don’t see the value of accruing all this debt for something I can work my way up to now.
TL;DR: I am a disillusioned and increasingly jaded young adult who’s feeling more lost in life with each passing day. I don’t know what the best path for me is right now.
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2021.10.20 00:37 DiphenhydramineSperg This is not at all written in Diphenhydramese (slurred english) but I just wanted to post my raw unfiltered subconscious traffic, which honestly is kinda DPH like

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2021.10.20 00:37 SaltyDetective6969 If you got her stuff me.

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2021.10.20 00:37 gambitt222 The next level NFT Game is here!!A-List Royale!! Private Sale on 10/21/21!! get early access!

A-List Royale is an NFT Project with a long-term vision of becoming the ultimate trading card game. A-List NFT is a playable in-game asset owned by A-List Royale Token holders, entailing exclusivity of the game with high reward-yielding mechanics to be given to our holders.
The team has an ambitious goal of making A-List Royale to be a gaming hub for online tournaments with an opportunity to earn by winning in battles. We ensure a game of epic variety with mind-boggling encounters with other players around the web. A-List Royale caters to all types of players, may it be new or casual gamer, an amateur or pro, and everyone who is passionate on trying to becoming the best in this ULTIMATE TRADING CARD GAME.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 Tokens
✅ 50% discount in the private sale
✅ Exclusive NFTs for private sale buyers
✅ Secure project: Contract Audit with KYC
✅ 3% for Buyback features
✅ 2% for Rewards redistribution
✅ NFT Staking Opportunities
✅ Exclusive Access to the future application or trading card game
What are you waiting for? click the link to join the community.
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2021.10.20 00:37 ah-screw-it if you were too choose what sonic meme too appear in the sequel, what would it be?

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2021.10.20 00:36 Live-Scar6163 Pierre Gasly Partners with Fantom to Become the First Formula 1™ Driver to Offer One of a Kind NFTs for Fans

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2021.10.20 00:36 andthey_wereroomates It hurts and I'm sorry

I try to be ahonest person and i know you know that. And you also know I'm an anxious person. I told you I like you but I wasn't completely honest, I like you more than any crush I have ever known. I am aware that there is absolutely zero universes where this letter does more good than harm, but I need to say it. I need distance from you; being around you kills me a little bit every time. The nature of our relationship has changed, where I felt safe and comfortable I now feel anxious and sad. This is no fault of yours, I truly do mean that. It is my inability to handle these emotions. I need distance from you but I don't want it.Every part of me truly wants you to be happy with or without me. 
I want to be your friend and confidant as I feel you are mine.But right now in this moment I dont think I can be and unsure if I ever was. I wish i was as confident as you want me to be, and I'm trying.
I pray that you never see this letter, but hope you understand it. The past 6 months I have known you have been the most intesting and adventurous of my life. You are a model of the person I want to become; A person I trust, A person who challenges and inspires me. Maybe I feel this way because I see you everyday. However I know if I keep going this pace it will kill me. In a romantic comedy this letter would be "sweet" or "kind", but I know it will never come off this way instead come of as desperate at best or creepy at worst. Which is why I pray you dont see it, while hoping you understand it. 
For whatever reason every emotion I have when thinking of you is amplified to a level I cannot and do not know how to process. Around you when its good I float, when its bad I fall so hard and so far. I am genuinely trying to get over you, but it is easily one of the most difficult things I've done. Everytime I think I am at peace with the situation something pulls me right back in pushing me further down than I knew I could sink. I want to give you hapiness even at the expense of my own. I want you to be successful without me holding you back.
While I believe this letter to be the "truest" and most honest descriptor of my emotions , I pray it is temporary because I dont want to hurt you. I dont want you to think less of me. I really don't want you to stop being friends with me. If you knew this was how I felt how could you continue to even acknowledge me? If you knew I would understand why. I wish you the best of luck and the happiest of lives. This letter is to remain unsent and unsigned. Maybe one day this will pass; I hope it does. I am not sure and I hope its not true, because it would be way too soon but you may be my first love I just wish you felt the same; but I know you will never. You are my distraction, my fantasy, my anxiety, my emotional trigger. Thinking about you feels like a disease sometimes; other times it feels like a drug . It isnt anything you did or didn't do. It's me and I wish I wasn't. I'm so terribly and irreparably sorry I feel this way. I am not sorry I had known you, but I am sorry you have known me. I wish I could be better for you; while I believe I haven't done anything wrong, I feel these emotions are wrong enough. I wish I could tell you all this but I think I would hurt you and me too much. 
Fuck, I wish this wasn't me.
I hope these feelings are in this moment, and just a massive over reaction. And I will try to put on a smile until this passes. I hope to see you on the otherside of this. I hope there is another side of us. All things must pass but i fear the ripples will not. 
Fuck I'm learning the hard way just to let her pass by.
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2021.10.20 00:36 Trackten369 Hololive 1st Party (Random comic)

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2021.10.20 00:36 PrettyDumbPlayer Translation for Horkeu Kamui’s Character Quests?

Hello, everyone. As you can notice, I’m quite new to this subreddit. I’ve been playing Tokyo Afterschool Summoners for a few weeks by now. Long story short, one day rolling the new Transient Summon, I got the new 5 star Horkeu Kamui. Pure dumb luck. I’ve been killing my ass for the last few days, and managed to level him up and get the three breakthroughs.
Established the love relationship with my character, and went to play his character quest “For Our Hero” in the Toshima Ward, and everything was in Japanese. Damn, I was frustrated. I thought it’d be in English cause the Quest’s title was in English. Nope, pure Japanese.
Just wanted to know if anyone has any links or files for an unofficial translation or something for Horkeu Kamui’s Quests, like a text document to read along as I play. I emotionally refuse to even keep playing the game, since I was planning to keep establishing relationships with my other favorite characters, and I’m afraid it will happen again.
Seems like my efforts didn’t paid of. If anyone could help me to get any kind of translations, I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks, and cheers!
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2021.10.20 00:36 ZoolShop Yearly prostate checks benefit some men aged 40 plus

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2021.10.20 00:36 BlitzFireGaming Find older codes

I have already claimed the vote avatar and taunt, brynn avatar and Cryptomage diana skin before but i want to check the codes again so i can put the codes i used on my notepad. Is there a way to see them again?
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2021.10.20 00:36 Cutlession I got my first world record.

Ok so it was the mail throwing mini game in Wind Waker.
So what if no one cares I have a world record.
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