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2021.12.05 18:03 Silviu_Grim Hello everyone , I'm new and i play this game for about 6 days now just because i like orochi...i watch a lot of mugen kof i play this game on my phone ...and i got orochi for free pretty used to this type of grind and progress type of games so I'm wondering if im doing good

Hello everyone , I'm new and i play this game for about 6 days now just because i like orochi...i watch a lot of mugen kof i play this game on my phone ...and i got orochi for free pretty used to this type of grind and progress type of games so I'm wondering if im doing good submitted by Silviu_Grim to KOFALLSTAR [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 18:03 FrontpageWatch2020 [#265|+2543|24] Im worried for myself [r/im14andthisisdeep]

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2021.12.05 18:03 great-man-somthing Will you go onto the computer or do anything in your life ever again?

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2021.12.05 18:03 osnapitzdxzzy Newton Referral - $25 CAD when you sign up with Newton and buy/sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)

Newton Referral - $25 CAD when you sign up with Newton and buy/sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)
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2021.12.05 18:03 Odd_Blacksmith_9204 Quick question on constrictive pericarditis vs cardiac tamponade: kussmaul’s sign.

In cardiac tamponade, the inter ventricular septum can deviate such that it increases right ventricular space at the expense of left ventricular space in inspiration—hence the lack of kussmaul’s sign. Why can’t the interventricular septum do the same thing in constrictive pericarditis?

Thank you.
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2021.12.05 18:03 ottosimps Am I dumb or did they take away the ability to change fonts?

When I updated to the latest OS I got a notification boasting new customization features... My time display on the home screen is stuck as being either blue or pink, I can't seem to figure out how to make it white. I also can't find an option to change my font aside from the size. I think I'm just missing it, can anyone tell me where to go to change these options?
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2021.12.05 18:03 Southern-Cookie-9988 Covid leave? So almost everyone in my office has Covid. Since the emergency covid leave expired end of September is there any other leave we can use instead of using sick leave?

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2021.12.05 18:03 Financial_Comb_6154 .

Does anyone good GL (girls love) Japanese dramas? I would prefer if they were recent
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2021.12.05 18:03 bullcorn7779311 Pleasant Event Diary Vol. 122 | How to Scout a Foot Model

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2021.12.05 18:03 aerodragon83 Fastest Cars per class

Just wondering what everyone has found for the top speeds in each class? Me and a few friends spent some time this morning looking through D and A.
S - Jesko A - Vauxhall Monaro (We hit 275 in this) D - Chevy Bel-Air (There's a tune with 1500hp, and we hit 235, but holy hell is it hard to keep straight.)
What has everyone else found?
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2021.12.05 18:03 Beautiful-Hedgehog56 Any ideas? Prior to the latest update I’d get a small bit of pink garbly gook in the bottom right hand corner, but could still play. Now, it’s the whole screen. How do I fix this?

Any ideas? Prior to the latest update I’d get a small bit of pink garbly gook in the bottom right hand corner, but could still play. Now, it’s the whole screen. How do I fix this? submitted by Beautiful-Hedgehog56 to Timberborn [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 18:03 KaosKrool Just another funfic with some bold prediction about the future of FF7R.

Just a funfic with how the enents of the Northern Crater may play out in the future parts of FF7R.
In the last funfic i write with Cloud saving Aerith at the Forgotten Capital and defeats <> only to see Jenova showing up in <> place.
And so the journey continuous mostly the same but with one big change:
Aerith plans with Tifa to support Cloud's lies until Jenova and Sephiroth are defeated and later together help Cloud to find him self.
And here they are at the Northern Crater outside the cave that Jenova and Sephiroth are with the black materia on their hands (after they defeat the black cloacked man that have it).
And ones again Cloud and Tifa are ready to go in and the settle the score with Sephiroth with Aerith insist to join them since she have a score to settle with Jenova for her ancestors and Gaia.
Cloud:Are you ready?
Her said to the girls with both of them nodding at him.Then Cloud turn to the rest of the gang and said
Cloud:If we are not back in an hour run as far way from here.
He said with Aerith interrupt him.
Aerith:No buts.If the black materia fall into the hands of Sephiroth everyones life will be in danger.
Aerith:No matter how everyone feels about this protecting the planet is OUR priority here.Ok?
She said with everyone agreeing and promising that if Cloud,Tifa and Aerith dont come back in an hour they will leave them behind.
And they enter the cave to see that they surrounded by endless darkness with Jenova on the center.
Jenova:So the <> and his <> as finaly here ready to beat the big bad evil of the story.
Cloud:Shut up!
He said and draw the buster sword ready to fight with Aerith and Tifa also ready.
Jenova:Why you are all so angry? Im just telling the truth.
Jenova:What you didnt notice that this 2 have feeling for you?
Tifa: What we feel is non of your business!
Jenova: But they are since both of you living a lie and confuse my dear puppet.
Aerith:He is not your puppet!
Jenova:He is my and Sephiroth's puppet but because you two can accept the fact that you lost the men you loved you using him as substitute to run away from the truth.
And Cloud grabed him head and fell on his knees with both of the girls coming to his side.
Jenova:You know this is the truth <> dont you? You can feel it.
Cloud:SHUT UP!!
He said with him pain becaume even worst.
Jenova:Ok i will but first let me ask you a question.Dont you even remember you childhood?
Jenova:How you became a Soldier First Class?How you survive Nibelheim and what you were doing the last 5 years?
Cloud:...No...I cant remember...Why i can remember???
Jenova:Because you were created 5 years ago by Hojo as part of his experiments.A man with out an intentity.I puppet that i still want to help fulfill his...
Tifa:This is not true.You ARE Cloud!
Cloud:How you are so sure?
Tifa:Because you kept the promise you made.
Tifa:Yes Cloud the promise you made to me.
Cloud:You made me promised that if you are in trouble...I will come and save you.
Tifa:That promise you made to me...
Cloud: ...7 years ago.
Tifa:You see now?If you where created 5 year ago you couldn't have this memory with me!
Cloud:But why is so hard to remember???
Aerith:Because of her.All Soldiers have her cells,her virus inside them and because of that she can affect you and your memories.
Cloud:How do you know?
Aerith:Im a Cetra remember? I was able to get some answer's from the planet after i saw my father's tapes.
Aerith:Sorry for not telling you sooner but i didnt know how you could react.
Cloud:Thank you.Both of you.If you where not here i could do a...
Jenova:Mistake?My poor child you are making the one mistake after another.But fear not im here to show you the truth.
And the whole place changed form endless darkness to the burning Nibelheim to the surprise of them.
Tifa:What is the meaning of this??
Jenova:That's is my power child.
Jenova:The power to read people's minds,and use there memories,losses and pain to manipulate them.The same power that all of my puppet's like him have in some extent.
Aerith:More lies.Dont listen to her.
Jenova:Lies?Didnt you mother never tell you how i use my powers and nearly wipe out your ancestors?
Jenova:And wait there is more in Tifa's memories.
Tifa:What do you mean?
Jenova:Look there.The poor guy that took a photo of you,Sephiroth and the other Soldier.Let see that photo!
Jenova:There is Tifa,Sephiroth and look there is one other guy with black hair that have the buster sword...
Tifa:Another lie.
Jenova:Lie?You mean you dont know this guy?But this photo came from you memories...
Jenova:Expectable?What do you mean???
Aerith:You said it our self.You use people memories against them and this man came form my memories and not Tifa's.
Jenova:You know him too?
Aerith:Is Zack.
Tifa:Zack?You mean...
Aerith:My first love.She is using him in order to confuse Cloud and disorient me.
Jenova:Why do you believe that even care about you Cetra?
Aerith:Because im the only one that can ask Gaia for guidance and help against you.
Aerith:And because in the end my ancestors defeated you and contain you.
Jenova:A minor setback.She said clearly angered.
Aerith:2000 years contained is not a minor setback.
Jenova:It is if you are millions years old.Said completely calm.
Jenova:Speaking of setbacks.Do you thing is right to use my poor puppet to ease your pain and give him false hope?
Aerith:Im not using Cloud!
Jenova:Come on Cetra you cant lie on me since i know about you and Zack thank to the gift he...
Aerith:You cell's is not a gift is a horrible virus that drive people insane and turn them into monsters.
Jenova:And yet you trusted some one with my virus to join you in you quest for the black materia.
Aerith:Yes because i trust...
Jenova:Because you in a deep denial of Zack's death and using <> to enforce your denial!
Aerith:That's not true!I didnt know about the effects of your cells until...
Jenova:You didnt know?The Cetra that saw throught Sephiroth's lies?The one that knew about the Whispers truth?The one that called me the source of everything and yet you didnt know about the effects i have on other beings?
Jenova:Stop lying to them and to your self.You saw Zack on my puppet.The puppet i use in order manipulate all of you and acquire the black materia.
And like that Jenova have her in the corner.And with Cloud slowly losing him self to Jenova and Tifa panicking and ready to attack Aerith decided to close eyes for a moment and try to find Zack on the lifestream in order to apologize for what she may have to do.
Jenova:Praying to Gaia for help already Cetra?
Aerith:You are right.At first i was in denial and i was seeing Zack and not Cloud.
Aerith:The way the talks and moves have similarities with Zack.
Aerith:Plus he came crashing down from above the same way Zack enter my life all this years ago.
Cloud:What happen to him? He said with Jenova clearly pulling the strings.
Aerith:...He died.She said deeply sad.
Cloud:So she is right...
Aerith:No she is not because...
Aerith:I know that you are not Zack!Through this journey,the adventures and the memories we shared i realize that you are not Zack and...I have accepted that he is gone.Said with a tear in her eyes.
Aerith:And because i... and before she could complete Jenova started to laugh.
Jenova:Dont tell me that you actually have feeling for him?Or is something else?
Jenova:Hehehe i finaly unterstand you clearly Cetra.Since the one is gone you just jumped to the next one that have some of the qualities of the last one.
Jenova:Like unnatural strength...
Aerith:What this have to do anything?
Jenova:...To help her escape from Shinra's grasp.
Aerith:More lies.
Jenova:Is it?I mean you were more or less prisoner of Shinra you whole life.It make sense for you to use some one with the strength that i give to free your self from them.
Cloud:You mean...
Jenova:Her feeling are hollow.She only care for her self.
Cloud:Isnt her actions speak otherwise? He said as he was rising up and start to break Jenova's control.
Cloud:She is risking her life to help defend Gaia from Sephiroth and you.
Cloud:She was ready to give her life willingly in order to make sure that everyone will be saved.
Cloud:How someone like her can be selfish?
Jenova:She is because death means nothing to the Cetra.Surprising both Cloud and Tifa with her answer.
Jenova:You look suprised.She didnt tell you that the Cetra can keep their consciousness inside of the lifestream and help other soul do the same?
Jenova:She didnt tell you that thanks to the power the Cetra have they can create there own little paradise in the lifestream?
Jenova:She didnt tell you that her ancestors call the lifestream the promised land? Seeding doubts to Cloud about Aerith.
But Aerith thanks to the knowledge she have was aware that Jenova could use Zack to outplay both of them and that Tifa could easily start a fight to protect Cloud even if it was a hopelss one with out his help.
But she didnt have that right because she is a Cetra.It is her duty to protect Gaia and her desire to protect Cloud and everyone else even if she have to break her own heart by devaluing her first love.
Jenova:So are you going to say anything?Or you two accept defeat and let my puppet go willingly?
Tifa:I will never let you take Cloud.And was about to attack her only for Aerith to grab her hand.
Aerith:Not yet.She said as she came forth ready to give painfull answers.
Jenova:So whats you answer?You are on denial or you are using other people to benefit yourself.
Aerith:I did both of those things... To Zack.
Aerith:You wanted the truth and thats the truth.Indeed i was in love to Zack but the feeling i had for him were never strong because i knew that her was a ladies man and so i was both using him to feel that there were any hope for the future and at the same time i was in denial for his ways with other girls to protect my self and the hope he was representing.
Aerith:That the truth and the reason i was seeing Zack on Cloud.My desire to keep that false hope alive until... Cloud gave me real hope for the future and i truly fell in love to him.
Jenova:No no no no no.
Aerith:I love you Cloud. YOU are my promised land.She said with Tifa hiding that she was upset and sad by this and thinking that <>
????:Is that so??? A black cloacked figure said with a familiar voice surprising the girls.
Tifa:Zack??? She said suprising Cloud and realising that she made a terrible mistake.
Cloud:You know him Tifa?
Zack:Of course she know me.I was the Soldier that followed Sephiroth at Nibelheim.He said and removed the black cloack.
Zack:You know it too Cloud.He said and totaly broke Cloud.
Cloud:So...I...Im.,,He said with tremblling voice.
Jenova:Just a puppet.You finaly see.
Tifa:Not if we can do something about this.Aerith be ready. Aerith??? She said but Aerith didnt respond.She was complitily frozen the moment she saw Zack and started to cry.
Aerith:No...How...Why??? With a trembling voice.
Jenova:I think the truth broke her. Said and started laughing but Tifa complitely ignore her and tried to go to Cloud's side only for Jenova stop her.
Jenova:Hehe.You thinked that it could be that easily.
Tifa:Get out of my way!
Jenova:I cant do this.You see this is a private reunion and you are not in the list.And that made Tifa to attack her with Jenova easily dodging and grabs Tifa's forehead.
Jenova:Sleep.She said and casted sleep on Tifa.
Tifa:No...Cloud...CLOUD!!!Was her last words before she fell asleep with Jenova gently let in her down and looking on Zack.
Jenova:I told that no one will get hurt and i always keep my word.Now go take back everything you have lost to my missguided puppet.
Zack:Yes...Mother.And moved to Cloud.
Zack:Im not here to fight you but i will if i have to prove my point.He said and draw his blade with a shaking hand.
Cloud:You dont have to.I realize the truth now here take your buster sword and im sorry.And offered the buster sword to Zack.
Zack:Thanks my friend.Took the sword and moved to a devestated Aerith.
Aerith:Zack..Im sorry.Im so sorry. She said tearfull.
Zack:Is too late for that. And untied the pink ribbon he gave her.
Zack:And to thing i came back and nearly died for you. And throwed the ribbon into the fire.
Aerith:Im sorry...Im...
Zack:Goodbye Aerith. He said and disappear behind Jenova.
Aerith:Why...WHY every time i found a thread of hope a chance for happiness im losing it.
And Jenova came behind her telling her.
Jenova:Find happiness was never you destiny.Saving Gaia and joining the promise land IS you destiny but you selfisly throwed away and gave us a chance to win this time and for that in will always be thankfull.Said with a sinister smile to her face before he go to Cloud.
Jenova:So you finaly accepted the truth.
Cloud:Yes Mother.How can i redeem my self for my mistakes?
Jenova:Easily.Give Sephiroth the black materia and i will forgive you.
Cloud:By my frien.. I mean Tifa's and Aerith friends have it.
Jenova:Dont worry i will get it for you my child.Go say goodbye to the girls before you meet Sephiroth.
Cloud:Dont hurt them please.
Jenova:As you wish my child.She said and left Cloud behind.
Meanwhile outside the cave our heros are are arguing if they will go inside to help them or leave them in there fate when Jenova with Tifa's form comes to them.
<>:Guys help..She said and fell on the ground with everyone rushing to her.
Barret:What happen?
<>:You fell for it.She said and summoned tentacles to bind,restrain them and in the end knock them out.
Jenova:And to think Sephiroth actually believed that you losers can stop me.
Jenova:You must be insane child.She said end looked up to the sky seen him flying above.
Jenova:Whats the matter dont you have to say anything to me.Something heroic like <> or <>
Sephiroth:I WILL stop you.
Jenova:Realy?And i believed that Cloud have serious issues with denial but child you are even worst.
Sephiroth:Im not you child.
Jenova:You are missing the point again child.You cant change the past no matter how hard you try because is all ready writen,is all ready done and I WILL WIN in the end.
Sephiroth:And yet your future self sent her servants to stop me and they failed.
Jenova:She send them only for having some fun with you and make the Cetra suffer because i realize little too late that the she didnt suffer enough for the crimes of her ancestors.
Jenova:So are you going to fight for the black materia or..She said and Sephiroth fell from the sky and his blade touch the ground and created a smokescreen that covered him.
Jenova:Nice try.She said and use her wings to clear the dust only to found that Sephiroth took Vincent and fled.
Jenova:Hmm.He was after the protomateria after all.Hehe.Well played Sephiroth. She said and took the black materia from Red with Deepground soldiers showing up from their hidding places.
Jenova:Take them to Shinra.They will be realy happy to finaly have them.Inform the rest to keep a close eye on Sephiroth.I have a timeline to correct!
And this is where i leave the story since the events will be played the same as in FF7 more or less with Cloud giving the black materia to present Sephiroth Tifa waking up and trying to convince Cloud that he is not a puppet and poor Aerith with no willpower to help Tifa and blaming her self for everything because for her it was her actions,her desire to defy destiny that seal Zack's and Cloud's fates.
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2021.12.05 18:03 bastard_vampire [Serious] What's one specific phobia you have that you believe nobody else has?

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2021.12.05 18:03 Sweaty_Grapefruit_80 Tuition costs for 2022

Hey so it seems as though many corps have raised their tuition by A LOT for 2022 considering the financial blow that 2020 and 2021 gave a lot of drum corps. My tuition at the troopers is 4,950 this summer. If it’s that expensive to March at troopers I’m curious to know how much top 5 marchers are paying for their 2022 season?
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2021.12.05 18:03 Objective_Surprise_4 Tell me the best joke you have

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2021.12.05 18:03 neopolitantree LF: dawn stone in oras

i just started and want a gallade on my team, i have the male ralts, just no dawn stone until victory road. i can’t really offer a good trade as i just reached petalburg. friend code: 1951-3313-4228
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2021.12.05 18:03 NaxNir What is the Best Meal-Replacement? (Objectively)

I am looking to try out meal-replacements as my primary source of nutrition, but there seems to be quite a few options and no real objective comparisons. I am looking for what is the objectively best meal-replacement in terms of nutrition & health.
Cost is a concern, but only minimally, as most seem to be relatively cheap anyway, and I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if performance is better. I don't care about flavor, and would prefer unflavored & without for-the-purpose-of-flavor sugars or sweeteners. I don't have any kind of diet-restrictions, and I wouldn't really want one created for such purpose. Nor am I interested in any products for weight-loss. What are the best options, and why?
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2021.12.05 18:03 parkersemail Who the FUCK

Has 73 Amazon returns?! Worst off is completely disorganized and can’t figure out how to pull up the codes?! 93 minutes to get her dumbass out of the store!
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2021.12.05 18:03 justgaya Arrival Uber car - design and next steps

Do you think Arrival will announce a pre-order of Uber cars when they launch the design this month?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 18:03 AryanBerber average Nazi Tamazgha member

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2021.12.05 18:03 helisabethc Louisville shows?

If you’re going to one of the Louisville show which one are you going to? Still trying to decide which one, im also worried about getting covid and spending all this money on a show I wont be able to attend.
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