5bbfb yn8ha dbibd hh8zf ttnkb zzy5z ey3f5 55f3b f6et8 h4ffk r475b 9r3tf i25a7 y534t 49k7s hefrn y7ds2 erb69 he2ae tz8fn r9k47 What kind of specs required for 2k 60fps? |

What kind of specs required for 2k 60fps?

2021.12.05 17:49 max1122112 What kind of specs required for 2k 60fps?

Ive read the game requires good hardware. But im getting 45ish fps in the first couple levels (low settings @ 2k rez) with a 2080 + 11700kf. Is this normal? Im getting a headache playing it but i dont want to refund the game. If this is normal, is the game going to be optimized better in the near future?
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2021.12.05 17:49 FoulTarnished124 Foul tarnished

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2021.12.05 17:49 jaqqq3 This coming from a straight guy, i gotta say that young Rafa was very good looking. It might be the first case when the real life guy is more attractive than an actor in the series lol.

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2021.12.05 17:49 BloooBerrie Issues w/ Steam: Steam won't launch at all after installation

Hey y'all, new to Linux and I am on Pop! OS right now. Im trying to install steam through terminal and it does, but it wont launch at all no matter what I do. I tried deleting and installing through the pop shop, but same issue. I am on Pop!_OS 21.04 at the moment. Not sure what other information to add here, but any help at all is very welcome. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 17:49 EngineeringNo2377 Sie verkauft und ist 100% real Jungs gönnt euch sie ist so verstaut! Dankt mir später:)

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2021.12.05 17:49 Kuroi- Winning a game with a Victory Crown awards a Victory Royale (Unlocks emote)

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2021.12.05 17:49 Poli88q What is the reason you didn't get a job interview? Why?

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2021.12.05 17:49 k_e_francis The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci | READ ALONG Part 10 | Authortube | Booktube | Horrortube

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2021.12.05 17:49 Suspicious_girl1990 My handsome Basil loves Christmas time 🥰

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2021.12.05 17:49 fibilolo Frog boy with a little bag for my friend for christmas, hope he doesn't see this post lol

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2021.12.05 17:49 agonyanddread It would be nice to see a little more variety to abuse survivor character arcs.

TW: mentions of abuse, rape, csa
A common backstory in this genre involves the MC being raped or violently abused in a past relationship or by her family. Then the ML will treat her with kindness, respect, gentleness, and love. There’s a stark difference between the ML and abusers of the MC. She might have a flashback to being abused when she’s with the ML, and then realize that he is nothing like her past abusers. Or something like that. Even if her trauma stays with her with the rest of her life, she will be comforted knowing that the ML would never do such a thing to her. The ML is nothing like the abusers who usually lack character complexity and were 100% cruel and evil towards the MC 24/7.
But to be honest, this can feel a little cheap. I already feel like a lot of OI kind of skips over, minimizes, or does a bad job showing realistic trauma. Showing that the MC actually is affected by what they’ve experienced is a step in the right direction. And of course, I’m not saying stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life. Or trying to invalidate someone else’s experience or taste.
But… not all abusers are just 100% awful and evil all the time. Oh and by the way, I’m not saying that they need a traumatic backstory to justify their actions or even explain the way they are the way they are. But a lot of abusers aren’t obvious pieces of shit every waking moment of the day. They can act kind and do nice things. They can treat the MC well.
In a story where a child character is in a sexually active relationship with an older adult man— he can treat her kindly and shower her with affection and love— but it still doesn’t change the fact that she is a child who cannot consent and he is a pedophile. And that child character might suffer from feeling like they weren’t treated badly enough for it to be ‘real abuse’.
Or a character married to an abuser who acts like the most outstanding man but gets violent. Then afterwards goes back to acting like the best husband ever. Her path to healing might be different from someone who only experienced cruelty because it could lead her to be triggered by acts of kindness and struggle to trust on an even deeper level.
I think seeing this kind of trauma portrayed be refreshing and interesting. Mostly because I’m sick of the ML conveniently curing the MC’s trauma by virtue of being nothing like her abusers, but also wanting more nuanced representation as a survivor myself.
I don’t know if any of this made sense, but anyways, I just wanted to rant and talk about what I’d like to see more of.
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2021.12.05 17:49 albalb24 Hey guys. I found an easy way to add snow fall for presta shop

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2021.12.05 17:49 NoreOxford New Game+ Role Quest starter NPCs are all missing

Anyone else had this issue? I used the One Hero's Journey level skip to quickly level one of each role (other than the main role I play through the MSQ with) because I wanted to unlock the final quest after finishing each role quest for ShB and EW. I wanted to still play through each role quest though, which I had read would be possible with New Game+. While the role quests are in New Game+, however, the actual NPCs that give the quest are invisible (they are not there outside of New Game+ and still gone after starting New Game+). Their quest marker is active once you commence New Game+ but the spot they should be in is completely empty. I suppose I could watch the quests on youtube but... kind of sucks not to get to play through them with my own WoL. Anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.12.05 17:49 S54Holden [FS][USA-CA]4x 1080ti, 6x 1080ti/Titan X water blocks, lots of EKWB multi-GPU blocks, 2x Heatkiller IV Pro CPU Waterblock, Heatkiller AMD/Intel HEDT mounting kits, Natemandoo SR-2 motherboard waterblocks

Hi Everyone,
Update 12-5-21 (crossposted from hardwareswap)-- added new pics and revised prices downwards for the GPUs. I do not want to ship the GPUs at this time, and would prefer to sell locally in the SF Bay Area. I'm happy to ship the watercooling parts though, once the GPUs have sold. Please PM rather than use chat. Thanks. Paypal goods & Services or local cash only, please.
Updated timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/kBPJm2r
In addition to the reduced prices below, I'm happy to do bundles! Here is my thinking on bundle costs:
GPU + GPU Waterblock = $25 off of the pair
each additional GPU+waterblock = multi GPU block of your choice included matching number of cards or blocks purchased.
4x GPU + 4x GPU Waterblock = 7-slot with blank plates and 4 way block also included and SLI block included.
Other variations? Ask me!

Original post:
I have a LOT of parts to sell from a build project that never went anywhere. I bought all these parts to build a ridiculous 4 gamer 1 tower type build but never found the time to devote to it, and given the state of the world right now, these cards and parts are doing me no good sitting unused.
So, what do I have? 4x 1080ti (3x FE models, 1x MSI Aero model, two of which have the EVGA Hybrid cooler installed), plus a bunch of EKWB 1080ti/Titan X water blocks.
I have 2x Heatkiller IV black copper CPU water blocks, with HEDT hardware, and a single AMD socket conversion kit. These were B-stock but look fine to me.
I also have an enthusiast-made waterblock for the EVGA SR-2 motherboard chipset and VRMs, left over from a build I was noodling on but never finished.
The EKWB parts were all, other than the GPU waterblocks themselves, bought new and are unused. I bought the GPUs and GPU waterblocks here on Hardwareswap (check my trades), and have done my best to buy the remaining parts that weren't initially included or that I felt would be best to replace (pads, screws and mounting kits)-- I will include all the required parts with each waterblock (I think I have enough).
So, why so many ridiculous multi-GPU blocks? Well, I was intending to build a custom case using my 3d printer and glowforge, and I have access to a milling machine....AND EK was selling these on closeout so I figured I may as well get two for the price of one, so that I can just try what fits / modify as needed and sell what I don't use. Instead, it's been over a year and they're all unopened or unused.
One of the blocks here is the absurd 7 slot GPU block that EK made. I bought this because I wanted flexibility in placing the GPUs around the motherboard slots (couple variations of the build history) and so I also bought 3x blank plates for both serial and parallel operation. This means you can use this block for multi-GPU shenanigans with weird motherboard spacing (e.g., HEDT Intel/AMD boards) without issue. Just block them off. In light of that, I would prefer to sell the 7x block WITH the blank plates-- whoever buys the block gets those included. The 1080ti cards and blocks are single-slot, hence why this was an option.
As for the GPUs-- I have not mined on these while I have owned them. I arguably should've, but, never did. I do not know their mining performance, don't ask. I have both a 2-way and 4-way SLI bridge for these, and if anyone buys 2 or 4 GPUs I'll happily include the SLI bridges.
I am also happy to bundle GPU + waterblock + multi-GPU water blocks, just ask. These are the single-slot waterblocks.
I am located in the SF Bay Area, and would vastly prefer selling local rather than shipping. I will ship if there is no local interest, but the prices do not reflect shipping effort/cost (inquire). I will only accept goods&services paypal.
Anyway, here is the table of goodies with pricing for SF Bay Area locals.
|Item|QTY|Hardware Swap Price (each)|
|Nvidia Geforce 1080ti Founders Edition with EVGA SC2 Hybrid Cooler and FE cooler|**1**|***$525*** *~~$600~~*|
|MSI Aero 1080ti (Founders Edition PCB) with EVGA SC2 Hybrid Cooler and OE cooler|**1**|***$475*** *~~$550~~*|
|Nvidia Geforce 1080ti Founders Edition|**2**|***$450*** *~~$500.00~~*|
|EKWB 1080ti Founders Edition water block, with backplate|**1**|*$75.00*|
|EKWB Pascal Founders Edition (Titan X, Xp, 1080ti, with DVI port clearance), Plexi, no Backplate, with mounting kit and new pads|**3**|*$50.00*|
|EKWB Pascal Founders Edition (Titan X, Xp, 1080ti, with DVI port clearance), Plexi, with Backplate, with mounting kit and new pads|**1**|*$75.00*|
|EKWB Pascal Founders Edition (Titan X, Xp, 1080ti, with DVI port clearance), Black Acetal/Copper, with Backplate, with mounting kit and new pads, disassembled|**1**|*$50.00*|
|Nvidia High Bandwidth SLI bridge, 3 slot spacing, 2 cards|**1**|*$20.00*|
|EVGA High Bandwidth SLI bridge, 2 slot spacing, 4 cards.|**1**|*$25.00*|
|Natemandoo custom EVGA SR-2 motherboard chipset and VRM water blocks|**1**|*$75.00*|
|B-Stock Heatkiller IV Pro (Intel) Black Copper|**2**|*$75.00*|
|Heatkiller IV Bolt Upgrade for Intel HEDT|**2**|***Included, or $5***|
|Heatkiller IV AMD conversion kit|**1**|***Included, or $15***|
|EK-FC1080 GTX Ti I/O Single Slot Bracket|**5**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Backplate – Black QC2|**2**|*$20.00*|
|EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Backplate - Black|**1**|*$25.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal - Acetal|**1**|*$2.00*|
|Hex Socket 4mm – Type 1/4" – 188/2 6p|**1**|*$4.00*|
|EK-Extender G1/4 - Nickel|**2**|*$2.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X7 - Acetal|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal BLANK Serial|**3**|*$1.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal BLANK Parallel|**3**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X4 - Plexi|**2**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) - Plexi|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X3 - Plexi|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X2 4-slot - Plexi|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X2 - Plexi|**2**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal X2 1-slot - Plexi|**2**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal TRIPLE Parallel - Plexi|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 2-Slot - Plexi|**1**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot - Plexi|**2**|*$10.00*|
|EK-FC Terminal DUAL Parallel 1-Slot - Acetal|**2**|*$10.00*|
|EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 PWM Serial - (incl. 2x pump)|**1**|*$275.00*|
|EK-RES X3 150 Lite|**1**|*$50.00*|
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2021.12.05 17:49 seacobs Fukushima, Japan

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2021.12.05 17:49 rgbarometer Chili

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2021.12.05 17:49 redlight33 Lost ATT Prepaid $25 Credit on Unlimited Plus - Advice wanted

I have been on the ATT Unlimited Plus since July 2020, but this month I had to change my credit card due to a fraud on my debit card. By changing the credit card, I lost the $25 credit, and no amount of calls to ATT Prepaid can get it back even though I had no choice but to switch autopay cards. If I want to get the $25 credit back I will have to port out, then back, something that I am familiar with but loathe to do again. Now I am thinking just to downgrade to the $40/15GB plan instead, and the only thing I think i would lose is the 5G access ,which never impressed me anyways.
Note: Also I think everyone will eventually lose the discount because all ccards expire, so eventually everyone will have to go through this? or does just changing the expiration not affect the continuation of the discount?
When porting out/in I have used NumberBarn in the past.
Is there anything that I am missing?
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2021.12.05 17:49 HurtHurtsMe What movie or tv series didn’t age well and why not?

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2021.12.05 17:49 hawkandbeestudio Light Echo- freshly pulled galaxy set!

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2021.12.05 17:49 RavenWithaJ [XBOX] [H] 4.5k [W] Sweeper TW 🧹🤍 Island King or Thanatos; 12 other Sweeper TW Octane Decals

Items for sale/offer at the bottom.
Collecting every Sweeper TW Octane Decal. Don’t care about crates (where applicable) and will consider BPs.
✅ - Got it. 13/27
All Sweeper TW: * 10dril * Abtruse ✅ * Bodacious * Buzz Kill * Chantico ✅ * Christmas Tree ✅ * CRL Northern ✅ * Dragon Lord ✅ * Dune Racer ✅ * Framework * Griffon * Island King * Kana * Lone Wolf * Metarudia * MG-88 * Nice Shot ✅ * RLCS ✅ * RLCS X ✅ * RLCS 2020-21 ✅ * Royal Tyrant ✅ * Slimline * Sticker Bomb * Thanatos * Tumbling Blocks * Vaporwave ✅ * Vertebrate ✅
Items to offesale. * Scorer Lime CRL Southern * Sweeper TW Dom RLCS * Striker Grey CRL Eastern * Sweeper Lime Slimline * Sweeper SB Slimline * Tactician SB Fennec RLCS X * Tactician TW Almas * Scorer SB Astro-CSX * Scorer Cobalt Astro-CSX * Playmaker Lime Astro-CSX * Playmaker Grey Astro-CSX * Playmaker FG VoltaicGE20 * Scorer TW Thermal * Tactician Purple Thermal * Tactician FG Anispray * Striker Black Candyfloss * Tactician Black Laser Wave III * Tactician Black Truth Beam * Tactician TW Tachyon III
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2021.12.05 17:49 Noganeto1 The thin red line of difference between Regular and Professional

How much does gameplay changes between those two difficulties?
Sorry, forgot to mention, bought the game on a Steam super sale and now besides having MyClub, decided to try out Master League. Based on my skills after playing some small MyClub tournaments on Regular, i chose that difficulty on the second division of England, chose Blackburn, and HOLY CRAP IT'S EASY! Didn't took me much to raise up at the first place to promote to Premier.

But here's the thing: Tried Kick-off for a moment, and chose my Argentine favorites. I played as Rosario Central vs. River Plate (You might kniw it, one of the most successful teams in Argentina, South America (Copa Libertadores) and kinda the world (Nearly defeated Barcelona on a Club World Cup)). I decided to go in Professional and OH MY GOD it's different! The AI sprints as much as it can, i cannot even struggle for a bit before losing possession, and the AI cuts my passes per second.

Does Professional actually brings the best of a superior club? Again, i am talking about River Plate, as i also could talk about Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Arsenal and others.

As a matter of fact, i once played with Blackburn against Leeds united (Again, back at Master League) in Professional and... huh... won 2-0

What's the REAL difference between Regular and Professional? I am recording and uploading to YouTube, you might probably like my goals if i show you, right now i am at the Argentine League, passed to that as Diego Maradona as the manager after conquering the Emirates Cup and the Europa League.
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2021.12.05 17:49 deichschafnf German troops Ukraine 1943 - Picture taken by my grandfather.

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2021.12.05 17:49 coolarooni135 Did anyone see the booth with the Gengar jacket?

This is probably a long shot, but I remember on Friday there was a booth with a purpñe and black Gengar jacket, I meant to come back for it but I couldn't find it the rest of the weekend. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about or what booth it was? I really appreciate it!
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2021.12.05 17:49 Dutchman_discman Did I make a mistake buying a superautomatic espresso mashine?

Hi, I recently ordered a superauto espresso machine, (a siemens eq.300 to be exact) and while I have read positive reviews about it, I am wondering what your opinion is on superautos?
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2021.12.05 17:49 TheycallmeElTigre Lol

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