What’s the meaning of ‘buy someone a shot’?

2021.12.05 17:02 Blue_Allen What’s the meaning of ‘buy someone a shot’?

I saw this on another post. The original text is “That guy wanted to buy me a shot, but I refused.”
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2021.12.05 17:02 DaniVideoknaller Einer übertreibt es immer!

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2021.12.05 17:02 Melstner Output from ethernet to tv?

Disclaimer I don't know much about this set up, I'm a software developer not a hardware/streaming enthusiast.
Our church has a atem mini pro, if I understand right it's set up to stream directly to YouTube from the ethernet port over rtmp. The HDMI out is hooked up to a monitor with the split screen view of all the sources. This all works great how its set up.
So problem is we have a child nursery that we want to stream it to. Currently we are just loading the YouTube stream on a Roku tv but with all the processing time it's about a 15 second delay. This just makes the audio awkward as you can hear the live audio but the video is delayed.
Any suggestions on how to get a live signal to the tv? Running cable is not an issue I have coax run already and an Ethernet run is pretty easy to get there too. Distance is a bit long for HDMI was planning on HDMI over Ethernet before I found out we didn't have another HDMI output.
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2021.12.05 17:02 thatshuttie Update to previous post. 15dpiui FRER and easy@home brand different strip. SMU, read at 5 min. Nervous that maybe I can’t trust the cheapie.

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2021.12.05 17:02 JigBiggles13 What is up with this game? (Just ranting)

I’m 90% of the time just a mycareer player. I’ve been playing every game quite a lot since 2k14, and I’ve always enjoyed the game (other than 18 in the beginning) but this game just gets worse and worse the more I play it. Why do I get a foul for E V E R Y T H I N G? I’m a disciplined player. I never ever got this many calls. Contest a shot? Foul. Go for a rebound? Foul. Avoid a screen? Rubber band to them and get a foul. Tap my sprint button? Foul. But I go for a layup and the AI belly flop on top of me and get nothing. I don’t even bother attempting steals in this game because don’t even get me started. And why does it feel like every single player has hall of fame clamps and is 10x faster than me? It feels like my player is constantly in quicksand. I’ll be wide open and by the time I tap square to start a shot there’s 2 of them rubberbanded to me. And good luck ever getting a remotely risky pass through. I know most people are just going to say “get good” or some shit but I’ve never ever felt this way in a 2k game. I can still put up okay numbers but the gameplay feels so terrible. My player is supposed to be an 85 overall but can’t shoot with a sliver of coverage, can’t hit a layup if he can see someone even close to the paint with him, and is getting fried by college players on every possession. I just don’t get why this game and 2k21 feel drastically different. This doesn’t even feel like it was made by 2K to me.
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2021.12.05 17:02 Zervos94 Updated Xbox Series X vanilla LO recommendation?

Hey guys, I’m new to modding, I tried a short stint with a few mods about 2 years ago for a play through which I’d like to go back and finish, my question is if there is any vanilla recommendations for Xbox Series X anniversary updates geared towards graphics as well as basic stuff similar to what I had on my last play through (extra perks, open cities, more lively cities/roads etc).
I was able to keep my saved game but I’m not sure what will happen when I load back into it with the updates and want to try and get a similar LO in. Most of the recommendations in the sidebar are a bit outdated for the Series X with the update last month.
I’m not looking to add anything crazy but if anyone has any newer LOs to recommend that work well for new-to-modding players going for a more regular Skyrim experience I’d love to hear, thanks!
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2021.12.05 17:02 Comfortable-Map-6287 Toxic friend lying to make herself look good

TLDR: cut off toxic friend, she gets cut off by another friend for same behaviors and is saying bc she has adhd we are bad friends for not accepting it…but she gaslit us, guilt tripped us, and had lied to both of us about things to shift blame. Now’s she’s trying to be a role model for other women with adhd.
I (f25) went no contact with my ex-best friend of 7 years. This was after years of gaslighting, manipulative behavior, and guilt tripping. However when I told our mutual friends I intended to go no contacts, they all said they understood, but in the end still hang with her and comforted her when it happened bc she had a meltdown. She told everyone I did it for no reason and heartlessly threw our relationship down the drain…this was after me sitting her down for the 20th time to talk about issues. So I know she knows why I was upset. Instead she blames me for not telling her sooner of my issues…when that’s all I’ve done for the past 2 years is walk of eggshells with her and try and communicate while getting blown up at every time. She has adhd and I know that can cause some extreme rejection sensitivity and emotional dysregulation. So for a long time I let her treat me horribly initially when I came. to her about her crossing boundaries, but even after a while of cooling down she’d still blame me and would guilt trip me for having any boundaries with her at all. It wasn’t even about her extreme reactions. It was that she’d never have any remorse later and how she’d treated me and that she’d always make it my fault. She even started talking bad about me to other ppl for it. Or she’d pretend to not remember that something major even happened that she did…then I’d find out she’d told someone else about it not long after and twisted the story so I was the bad guy.
There’s a lot more too it, but essentially I went no contact a few months ago and now another one our mutual ended their relationship with her. Over basically the same behavior. Now my ex friend is all over social media siting her issues as being bc of her adhd and essentially saying ppl who don’t accept that are being bad friends and bad ppl. Talks about how hard her year has been, about how she’s always here as a resource for other ppl with adhd…and it all feels really in poor taste. I feel like she’s using her diagnosis to excuse actual bad behavior as being a symptom of her adhd, and it really upsets me that others are potentially looking up to her for advice on handling their relationships with adhd. She has already done interviews for small podcasts and local companies in our field pitching herself as a resource… and I guess it just makes me feel angry bc she is not someone who should be looked up to.
I have a lot of friends who have adhd and none of the have ever acted the way she does or treated me or their friends like she does. Not even sure why I’m posting about it, I guess I just needed to vent somewhere.
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2021.12.05 17:02 patr1ck1999 L A N C E

That is all
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2021.12.05 17:02 aldosky Wrote a trip report for my friend

I wrote this trip report for my friend, as he asked me to help him do so. As I wrote it for him, just out of what he told me he felt, it isn't that detailed, as I can't really enter his mind. However I thought I'd share it, just please know the aim of this wasn't a full detailed trip report, more smt he wanted me to help him with, to share with his friends, but I showed him this sub, and he agreed to let me post it. I wrote it on my phone, so there may be some typos or weird formatting, I apologise if its hard to follow. He took 375mg of DXM (rubitussin HBR). This was his first ever time trying DXM, or any dissociative.
For context he was with me and another friend, but we didn't take any.
Also, forgot to include this in the report, but around half an hour after taking the DXM he smoked a joint.
This is a weird ass trip report tbh.
here it goes
dxm trip report 14:20 started sipping the dxm
14:35 tastes like ass and gave me nausea
15:32 nausea increased considerably
15:35 lightheaded and tired analytical thoughts on the drug
15:47 shit looks blurry and its hard to focus
15:55 even more blurred, hard to see straight basically impossible to focus on anything and nausea is still here. However it feels good. when I look down my body looks small
16:02 perception of time is distorted. Listening to some music I know, and it feels way faster than usual, crazy shit.
16:06 depth perception is off. Can't tell if things are far or not, big or small. distance is weird.
16:10 got up to take a shit and walking is hard. can't tell the length of my legs. (ket legs?)
16:11 tried to shit but don't have the strength so gave up. However I feel very euphoric.
16:19 fuck I need to shit. My sphyncter muscle is pulsating
16:30 managed to shit and feel wya lighter and more relaxed. I think I shat out pure rubitussin
16:41 I closedy eyes and saw nazis taking jesus on the cross
16:46 nothing feels real. When I speak it doesn't feel like I'm talking to anyone. as if everyone and everything is far away. normal actions that we don't think abt, such as drinking and walking, everyday things don't feel natural and so straight forward. they feel mechanic. I feel like I'm in in a different plain of existence.
16:47 I'm coming down but effects are still strong. I basically forget everything, idk if I'm doing things or not, or I'm just thinking of them.
16:53 we started recording an episode for a podcast of ours.
17:20 now that we're talking about different topics, and engaging in conversations for the podcast, I realised I'm still higher than I thought. It's pretty hard to keep focus on a conversation, as I forget everything I say, don't know if I said some things or not, and completely forget what we're talking about. However, I'm enjoying the conversations.
Writer note: Hello its me, I just want to make an observation. I'm very surprised he agreed to record the podcast. I feel like I'd feel very frustrated in his place. He keeps forgetting what we're even talking about, but he insists I remind him, and when I do, he suddenly hops back on track. Also I can tell he's out of it, yet he's making complete sense when we talk about complex and deep things. I expected it to be a funny shit show, but he's being extremely analytical instead. Sorry for the interruption.
18:13 wanted to smoke a j but I'm scared ill puke cos I feel like it will overload me cos all my senses are so easily overloaded.
20:00 started coming down significantly but everything still feels weird. I still have some nausea.
22:34 basically no effects left. I feel sort of drowsy, tired and drained. very draining comedown.
23:17 no effects at all. just a sort of hangover
01:04 We're walking my dog, and I smoked a bit, which made me feel better in terms of that shitty hanguver feeling, also I feel like I'm dissociarinf a bit again, but nothing much.
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2021.12.05 17:02 artsnumeriques Mudhouse Residency in Crete Accepting Applications for July/ August 2022 Residency Session

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2021.12.05 17:02 alwaysdaking NJ PYT Thots join opening at 500 members to public

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2021.12.05 17:02 idontloveanyone First time seeing this green flash, anyone knows what it is?

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2021.12.05 17:02 Sasage Pretty happy with this one NY style

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2021.12.05 17:02 cathef This is not going to be a popular post….

But I am watching the RHUGT. I’m not sure what is different… the lighting? The cameras? But this is the first time EVER these extremely gorgeous ladies look “real” to me. Freckles, aging/somewhat sagging skin, slight vein popping, crepe-y skin etc. now hear me out… I would still kill to look HALF as good of any of them. This is not an insult IN ANY WAY. It’s the first time I feel they looked more like genuine.
I’ve always watched in awe at their perfection from head to toe and have never noticed these minor things before now in each one of them. Not sure again what is different? Maybe more shots out in the sun? No filters compared to still shots? Regardless, in my viewpoint it makes them more “real” then I’ve ever seen. Thoughts?
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2021.12.05 17:02 LysergicFilms Just incase you are needing a sugar magnolia with some physical energy, pretty colors, and a grateeee vibe.

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2021.12.05 17:02 halfaxa6576 i did create my own sub channel

after months considering it, i did create my youtube channel focused on subliminals and reiki. i have both affirmations in english and portuguese, and it would be great if you guys could give me some ideas about what to create, or what to do.
i'm really opened to suggestions!!
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2021.12.05 17:02 Puzzles23 is it wrong to be called gay?

i’m recently out with college friends and considering for years I’ve always been careful with making sure I use the right terms and made sure I’m a good ally (bc even in the closest I was still questioning my own self), it is interesting having the tables turned where I am in these situations.
so my friends (and even my crush) know i’m bi, but bc my crush is also a girl, ive been referred to as gay 99% of the time in casual conversations and friendly jokes.
like with my interests, how I dress, music, it makes me “gay”.
but in a weird protective way I wanna say “ya mean bi” but bc I am queer (which idek if I can say) I don’t know if gay is just an umbrella term. Bc if I had a bf, would they still call me gay? probably not.
tldr: overall, I feel like I don’t deserve any words but bi because I am new to the community as an out person, and I don’t feel as if I’ve gone through enough struggles to be called certain words like “gay” or “queer”
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2021.12.05 17:02 uglyzombie313 What TV/Movie/Book character only won because they got really lucky?

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2021.12.05 17:02 Megara39 My Teddy

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2021.12.05 17:02 kevinkaye Different walk at a older place.

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2021.12.05 17:02 Sieghart-The-Legend -GCPC WALLPAPER- Edel Growth! This is for u/yozzyurubuza Feel free to request one for yourself, I'm doing it for free! :D You can use this anywhere but don't forget to credit me if you publish it anywhere ;)

-GCPC WALLPAPER- Edel Growth! This is for u/yozzyurubuza Feel free to request one for yourself, I'm doing it for free! :D You can use this anywhere but don't forget to credit me if you publish it anywhere ;) submitted by Sieghart-The-Legend to Grandchase [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:02 MattIsANewtype "Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn't matter; only feelings matter. If they could make me stop loving you that would be the real betrayal." - George Orwell [850x400]

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2021.12.05 17:02 BreathCreepy6891 Why is female genitalia not appreciated as much as male genitalia, boobs and butts are?

For example female genitalia is more often seen as gross, taboo, not talked or joked about or drawn, not boasted about or focused on, under appreciated.
Oral sex is also not as commonly perfomed on them
And male genitalia is so appreciated that men who are attracted to women even like to see women who have male genitalia, in porn and so on. Or at least have the curiosity or bucketlist thing for them or atleast are more likely to have sex with them
People attracted to men however have no sexual curiosity nor interest in men who have female genitalia.
The only gender and sexuality with an interest in the genitalia of the gender they are not attracted to is hetero men.
Why is this all the case?
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2021.12.05 17:02 Pficky What is your favorite inauthentic food?

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2021.12.05 17:02 Adm_Pit I found this glitch after finishing the event quest line last night. I had to force quit the game to get it to fix lmao

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