For everybody who can't find my profiles!!!

2021.12.05 17:46 Peter1-800 For everybody who can't find my profiles!!!

Hi all,
For those who did not see the post a while back, I Left the Chroma Community to start with my all iCUE Setup so I Also at the time updated my Google Drive to make folders/programs/profiles easier to find so I Am going to put the links to the folders here again for anybody who is still lost looking for my stuff,
My Razer Profiles (PK2020)
Razer PK21,
That's all there is just for those who keep getting links not found sorry about that!
Thanks once again everybody for all the support still to this day your all amazing ❤️💚💙
Side note: I Know this is normally not allowed on here but I just wanted to help the users who are getting stuck at dead links. u/TOXIC396 u/Unreal_hero Will be able to help there thanks, guys!!
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2021.12.05 17:46 Passsfail Does TESE produce better results?

My husband has very low sperm counts where they are only able to find a handful of motile sperm every SA. The doctors suspect he has muturation arrest but this was never really confirmed. He has tried taking Clomid and HCG injections for 6 months but his SA come back the same. Since he has some motile sperm, he froze a bunch of samples as backups and we went forward with IVF. Initially it seemed like things were working out, I had 24 eggs and were able to fertilize 10. Unfortunately none of them progressed out of the cellular phase and we ended up with zero embryos. Needless to say, we were both pretty devestated. What I am wondering is if TESE or mTESE is able to extract better quality sperm? Would it be worth going this route or is quality going to be about the same and we are in for more heartache? Does anyone have any success stories from TESE besides just getting sperm? Donar sperm is on the table if TESE is just going to do the same thing as before. We still have to talk to our doctor about this but I was looking for some success.
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2021.12.05 17:46 coljavskiyi ✊ Medabots ✊ Officially Launching Now on BSC Pad ⭐ Mobile Game & NFT Game of the Year | Millions of Fans Globally | Play to Earn | Fully Doxxed Team | AAA Devs.

⚔️$MEDA is a new cryptocurrency that gives videogame users the ability to manage their virtual in-game goods! Not only will the token be the native currency of the Medabots NFT Marketplace, there are many other use cases as outlined below:
1: Purchase in-game items and physical Medabots merchandise
2: Use to enter live tournaments and earn tokens. Ability to use Medacoin tokens to enter wager matches!
3: Mint your own Medapart NFTs!
4: Earn coins by referring friends
5: The same MEDACOIN tokens can be used in/transferred to all future games
☄︎ MEDABOTS (single & multiplayer) will be launching on iOS & Android in Q4 2021. In 2022 Medabots will then launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The team even has plans in the future to create Medabots action figures and a movie!
☑︎100,000,000 (100M) supply
☑︎40% allocated for project launch
☑︎15% reserved for staking rewards
☑︎10% allocated to research and development (R&D)
☑︎10% allocated to marketing
☑︎10% for core team member sales
☑︎5% Tax on all transactions added to Liquidity Pool.
☘︎ Link Buy ☘︎
⚙️ Contract Address: 0x545Fc3dc9B77983028BEA3854740f169947B6fE8
⚙️ Pancakeswap:
☎︎ Official Links:
⚜️ Website:
⚜️ Telegram:
⚜️ Twitter:
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2021.12.05 17:46 Royal-Government2816 My big sick secret

TRIGGER WARNING: don’t read this if you’re sensitive about EDS!!
Hi, so wow what a wonderful starts with such a title, lol.. So this is about what i truly feel. My family doesn’t even know i am this ill. I just want to get this off of my chest.. i never told anyone this. But hey, here we go i’s so dark and twisted.
I have been diagnosed with anorexia 4 years ago. Last year it also turned into binging, so am at a healthy weight for a long time now. But it feels so so wrong. I used to be so beautiful when i was really really skinny two years ago. I didn’t have a worry in the world, i had great friends, i had boys all over me, i wore makeup and had a great clothing style, i could wear anything i’d like and loved taking pics. I didn’t have to hide. I even had people coming up to me asking if i model, i didn’t tho.
And now?
i don’t go out, don’t like makeup anymore… boys don’t like me, i only wear hoodies, i am ashamed and i want to hide. I know i am at a healthy weight and i’m normal, but i feel so fat, ugly, and worthless. I am done with the binging. This is how i truly feel as a person with an eating disorder.
The truth is, i don’t care about anything anymore. Today is my last binge day, i can’t handle being this weight anymore. I hate everything. I have planned everything out. I just want to be skin and bones next year. I don’t care if i could die. i can be small and people would take care of me… i will be pretty..i just feel worthless. I feel like i want to make my ex jealous too. It’s the only thing that would make us see each other again maybe. But at the same time, i do love to go clubbing without insecurities and to go out with other boys to… and now i don’t do that because who wants a normal girl…can’t handle it!!
I’m getting help in January, so don’t worry. But i’m sure more people with anorexia feel like this is the only important thing in their lives… atleast i feel like this.. it may come off as egoistic, but remember, i am sick… and i also wanted to clarify: this is not a personal attack if you are a normal or heavier weight. Everyone is beautiful just as they are, i am bisexual and i am really attracted to ‘chubbier’ girls even. The negative sh*t i have in my mind is only about myself, no one else. I do hope you all realise that.
This truly helped me, i feel like a heavy weight is lifted of off my shoulders (no pun intended). Goodnight. Maybe you’ll get an update in the future…
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2021.12.05 17:46 Tiredoflivinghere The Phthisis Plague

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2021.12.05 17:46 Blueberryboy88 The Lowest Rated TV Show Of All Time.....

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2021.12.05 17:46 ShadowKnight115 Will Beam work with windows 11?

I want to update to w11 but am unsure if it supports win11.
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2021.12.05 17:46 xesy_ Shinden script

Yo guys somebody have Shinden script?
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2021.12.05 17:46 MarionClaude Butterfly Crotch...

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2021.12.05 17:46 Skinny_Bant0 What's he doing??

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2021.12.05 17:46 Babykay024 👀

Where is plankton in patty pursuit? Lol
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2021.12.05 17:46 brittvu My bun absolutely will NOT take his antibiotics. Refuses every trick in the book even toweling. His nose is getting so bad but we're going to the vet tomorrow to get a "better tasting" antibiotic... Can't they just give buns a shot of antibiotics?

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2021.12.05 17:46 sr_dankerine PS1 memory card emulation on PS2

Recently picked up a copy of odd world, but I don’t have a PS1 memory card, I know the game works with my PS2, but I can’t save without a PS1 card. I’m used to homebrew on the Wii, but a few years back I think I remember hearing something about OpenGL for the PS2? Would I be able to emulate a PS1 memory card using OpenGL? Everything I’m saying is people emulating PS2 cards not PS1 cards.
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2021.12.05 17:46 cmmwarren1992 Tanking Question

So I've been healing since I started and our company had 1 tank at the time and with the low pop we seem to have all the healers on the server. Our tank has taken a step back and a void needed to be filled so I decided to do the old cleric tank idea cuz I seem to have all the stuff needed for it.
End prologue
Our tank kept complaining about taunt lengths and stuff with his weapons, but with sword and board you can kinda have your taunts off of cd with 100% uptime with reverse stab, shield bash, and the stance. I don't see anyone ever posting a build with these abilities, is there a reason why? I can have reduced damage up almost constantly by reverse stabbing 2-3 enemies at the same time. You can even get around a miss on a stab with weapon % cdr on hit, and the % cdr perk for blocking.
Am I missing something gravely important here? I find it weird that I found this first, so maybe some tanks out there can enlighten me before I start tanking for my company.
Thx dudes.
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2021.12.05 17:46 cranridgecranston Distracted by Youtube's shitty algorithm? Use this extension!

This extension (depending on how you customise it) blocks the recommended bar, the home screen, autoplay, and a bunch of other things you probably didn't realize were distracting you.
Now you can focus on work instead of shitty clickbait videos! :)
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2021.12.05 17:46 Siri_JJ Great news! Marlin Protocol is now listed on KuCoin

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2021.12.05 17:46 k_e_francis The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci | READ ALONG Part 10 | Authortube | Booktube | Horrortube

The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci | READ ALONG Part 10 | Authortube | Booktube | Horrortube
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2021.12.05 17:46 scprotz Transmission re-install/repair? Need for Holidays

Anyone have a trusted transmission repair place for a reasonable price? This is for an older GM SUV I'm trying to get running for someone for the holidays. Had the transmission swapped but then really bad stuff happened - fluid flowed out, torque converter making weird sounds. Supposedly the donor transmission was a good rebuild, but right now the truck won't move.
I need someone who can sort this out (and likely do a torque converter checkup/swap and also do a checkup on the replacement transmission to make sure it is still in working order and the pump didn't get trashed or break anything else). I literally feel sick dealing with this thing and already out a ton of cash as is and it was supposed to be a present, and now it won't drive.
Thank you all Lexington Redditors.
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2021.12.05 17:46 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 My favorite region of England is east because my favorite person lives there-

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2021.12.05 17:46 chistescortos NOTICIA BOMBA Ultima Hora MIA KHALIFA está ESTRENANDO NOVIO (Primicia Exclusiva)

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2021.12.05 17:46 PugFan21 Aloe leafs deflating! Help!

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2021.12.05 17:46 Piexter I recreated the flag of Apotos from Sonic Unleashed

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2021.12.05 17:46 bluethecoloris Gambian opposition parties reject preliminary election results

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2021.12.05 17:46 Koreanfoodie123 Is there anything better than homemade Korean food?

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2021.12.05 17:46 Diegofr3377 Dating as an introvert...pointless...

After trying it for a few years, now it seems pointless. Not because they went bad. On the contrary.
When I finished highschool almost a decade ago, I sucked with women. Partly because I didn't take care of my image and my social skills.
So, I decided to change that part of me and get better. And it actually worked. Specially asking friends for advice combined with research on internet really boosted my confidence and results.
But there was a persistent "problem" sort of saying. I liked none of the womens I dated beyond a phyidical point of view. Yes, we had fun, but it was superficial and I had nothing in common with any of them.
Mathematically, it was much more efficient hiring an escort once in a while.
But my ego just kept pushing me into having more dates, keep trying, getting better.
After one day that I was so bored and annoyed of spending time and money just to get laid, only to proof I was capable of it.
That day, I just thought "there's no benefit in doing this..." it just felt like a huge waste of time, money and effort.
I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed it to some extent. And I improved myself during the process.
About 5 years have passed from that day, and I just remember 1 really important thing: I don't have to do it. There's nothing to prove.
I still encourage people to try dating. But keep in mind, it's way too overrated (mostly by extroverts ofc)
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