I love wearing sundresses

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2021.12.05 16:26 Alinka_bae I love wearing sundresses

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2021.12.05 16:26 MccrumsSynaat $MFUEL | Martian Fuel Token|🔥 Whitelist Presale LIVE in 24 Hours💎| Let’s ignite the Entertainment Industry💸

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2021.12.05 16:26 Devi08 Hey, i have a question, do i need to watch the mugen train acr before watching the entertainment district? Or the other way around?

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2021.12.05 16:26 maxtility Eavesdropping on the Decohering Environment: Quantum Darwinism, Amplification, and the Origin of Objective Classical Reality

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2021.12.05 16:26 GNGVir Ludwig Location Fortnite (Chapter 3 NPC 6)

You can find Fortnite Ludwig Character 6 location following this video guide.
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2021.12.05 16:26 ChosenOfArtemis As promised, a compiled list of anti (and pro) pass restaurants. Will update as I find more!

So yesterday I began to compile a list of food places in the region that have voiced anti vax, anti pass and/or pro protest sentiments. I'm quite happy to say I've not really been able to find many other locations that are like this, with a LOT more working in a way that is safer for everyone. Below is the list of places to avoid if you are pro pass, places I'm not sure on yet due to confusing phrasing and places that are pro safety.
I've had some people private message me some info about places because they're scared about people seeing them post. Please don't hesitate to do so if you know places that are to be avoided!
Burger Bro - VERY anti pass. Setting up tables outside for unvaxxed people, agreed with Destiny Church members during their protest, claim the pass is 'medical apartheid'. Literally just look at their facebook for a laugh (if you can tolerate the comments).
Lost Boys Cafe - Sad about this one.
Civic Eatery/Movenpick - Civic is apparently closed down but I believe Movenpick in the same place is still around? It's unclear if Pappadomz (the joint replacing Civic) is anti pass or not, but they're only just starting so maybe haven't had time to say yet.
BONUS for outside of region
Lone Star New Lynn, Auckland - Giving food to D Church protestors in almost a partnership context, advertising for unvaccinated workers specifically.
The Jefferson, Fort Lane, Auckland CBD - Had a massive party on Friday where nobody was checked.
Jax Burger Shack, East Tamaki, Auckland - Apparently serving non pass members. Discovered this via a facebook comment from an anti pass person.
UNCLEAR - (This doesn't mean they're using the pass or not, just vague details given).
Nando's - Claimed to be back to normal but didn't reply to a comment about vaccine passes.
Texas Pete's - Unclear, claimed to be back to normal but no mention of vaccine passes. Did post a snarky image about Squid Game and the PM (red light green light thing) but maybe they were just having fun with it?
Lone Star Hamilton Branches - Online the Lone Star brand claimed to more or less disagree with New Lynn and that all branches are required to follow the govt regulations. The Hamilton branches are yet to make any statement however (I'm hoping it's just New Lynn that's the bad seed).
I won't be adding larger chain takeaway places like KFC as it's quite obvious they would need to follow guidelines to the letter. I'll focus on smaller chains and local places instead.
Following guidelines, Contactless pick up and delivery for non pass holders permitted - Joe's Garage, Pita Pit, Coffee Club, Jamaica Blue, Hell's Pizza, Sal's Pizza.
Following guidelines - Texas Chicken, Burger Fuel, The Roaming Giant, The Keg Room, Biddy Mulligan's, Cock N Bull, The Quadrant (masks required unless sitting down), Breakers (masks not required but strongly advised)
Places from my last post that were mentioned - Iguana, Sky City, The Helm, Wayward Pigeon,
MVPs who have worked ahead of time - Tudo Ben (checking passes before the changeover), Bird on a Wire (Must be double vaxxed and show pass. Also, their chicken is free range and absolutely to die for).
Some locations have a small social media presence so I was unable to find anything for them, but this is a current list. I'll add to it as I find more.
Finally I want to end off by saying I'm not a Nazi, a snitch FOR Nazis, a communist, pro apartheid or condoning 'menticide' and/or violence and destruction towards anti pass locations. This list is for people to make their own informed decisions on where they wish to take their business based on views of the covid pass system, which they are free to do. So uhh don't call me a Nazi please? Lol
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2021.12.05 16:26 MushCultSupply [Selling] Any love for the 2lb WHOLE OATS BAG?? We're running a sale all this week! x1 bag for $5 and x4 for $20. More listings, for gourmet/medicinal species, in the comments. Please message for customs substrates and bulk discounts.

[Selling] Any love for the 2lb WHOLE OATS BAG?? We're running a sale all this week! x1 bag for $5 and x4 for $20. More listings, for gourmet/medicinal species, in the comments. Please message for customs substrates and bulk discounts. submitted by MushCultSupply to MycoBazaar [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 16:26 Lija_2016 What do you expect after tonights boxing match promoting $SAITAMA in Staples Center

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Bitte adden bei Interesse: eXiFFiON
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2021.12.05 16:26 inetsed Chinchilla rescue locations?

Please don’t respond with judgment as this is not an easy post to make.
When I was 17, I was unexpectedly gifted a chinchilla by my then boyfriend (now husband). She is now 14 years old and has been with me since I got her in December of 2007 at about 8 weeks old. As life changes, we both work heavy hours, have an infant and two cats to also care for. Unintentionally, she is not getting the time, attention, or care that she needs.
She is deaf, is predisposed to chewing on herself (early in life it was just fur but at one point in 2014 she nipped into the skin on her tail and subsequently chewed half of her tail off. It’s as awful as it sounds - she has half of her tail at this point and 90% of the time is just a skin nub at the end of it), but good overall with people and babies and is tolerant of other animals.
She is stressed, anxious, and I’m sure depressed because she genuinely does not get the time attention or energy she needs and deserves but I don’t have any to offer and I feel awful to keep her just because I’ve had her in my life so long when the remainder of her life shouldn’t be spent suffering because I would feel bad to surrender her to someone who could give her what she needs.
I’ve tried Googling to find a rescue near me but I’m struggling. If anyone has these resources or could point me in the right direction, I really just want to do what’s right and best by her. I’m outside of Atlanta, GA.
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2021.12.05 16:26 ResponsiblePen13 Never noticed this before, Dragon Priest Wall in Forelhost?

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2021.12.05 16:26 RBkeyZtakenWTH WHAT A RACE

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2021.12.05 16:26 cheesepastaa_ Reusing Acrylic Paint Water

Hi! I've been looking everywhere for an answer to this and I can't seem to find any.
Is there any way to reuse the acrylic paint sediments/leftovers in paint water? I've looked up all the ways to properly dispose of acrylic paint water and of course I want to do that but I was interested if anyone knows or has tried reusing the leftover bits and what you did. Just trying to make use of as much paint as possible and be eco-conscious :)
Thanks in advance friends!
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2021.12.05 16:26 spiritwolf70 Reflections

Earned 230 mil in reflections in just 1 day, that's insane, I know it's based on how much you hold that determinations your reflection amount so to me that's a nice addition to my collection insert general Grevious meme
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2021.12.05 16:26 BlackSavage70 [WTS] All the Magpul FDE things, SLS stock, miad, RVG, rail covers (MT)

Everything you need to convert your rifle into an attractive and ergonomic machine that everyone on Instagram will fawn over, if you keep getting ignored when you try to slide into her DM’s, this will fix that- She’ll be sliding into yours.
Magpul SL-S stock, MIAD grip kit, RVG foregrip, and a bag of XTM rail covers in FDE. Everything is pretty much new, hasn’t seen a lot of use. Was going to save it all for a future build, but I’m married and don’t need to impress the instathots anymore. RVG is missing the MLOK hardware but the insert is there. The rail covers vary, some have been modified, most have not, there may be one or two in there with a broken tab. 100$ shipped for the whole lot, PayPal G&S only, I eat the fee. PSA Handguard, if whoever buys the rest wants it they can have it for an extra 8$
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