Dino fossils not showing up after expedition

Though not recognized as such for 30 years, the first Australopithecus anamensis discovery occurred in the Kanapoi region of East Lake Turkana in 1965 by a Harvard University expedition. The initial find consisted of a partial left humerus. The Grand Canyon tells one of the world’s greatest geologic stories. Its distinctive features allow researchers to piece together the history of this unique location, one of America’s treasures and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thinking of the geologic record as a book is helpful to understand each page of Earth’s history. The beginning of the story starts at the bottom of the Mary Anning was not a trained scientist, but taught herself to read and write then read all about anatomy – her parents were too poor to send her to school. It was very unusual for women at this time to become ‘proper’ scientists. Anning was one of nine children, but only she and her brother, Joseph, survived into adulthood. Scientists found the fossils in the Santa Marta Formation on James Ross Island. (Image credit: De Lima, F.J. et al. Polar Research (2021); CC BY 4.0 ) Image 4 of 5 The Terra Nova Expedition, officially the British Antarctic Expedition, was an expedition to Antarctica which took place between 1910 and 1913.Led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, the expedition had various scientific and geographical objectives.Scott wished to continue the scientific work that he had begun when leading the Discovery Expedition from 1901 to 1904, and wanted to be the first to ... Carolus Linnaeus is one of the giants of natural science. He devised the formal two-part naming system we use to classify all lifeforms. A well-known example of his two-part system is the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex; another is our own species Homo sapiens.. Linnaeus pushed the science of biology to new heights by describing and classifying our own human species in precisely the same way as he ... The expedition members did not make it, leaving skeletons and artifacts scattered along the route on the western and southern coast of King William Island and on the northern coast of the mainland. Search parties in the 1850s discovered many of these remains. The mystery. The loss of the Franklin expedition remained a mystery. Bonnerichthys gladius is a new genus of giant filter feeding fish described from the Smoky Hill Chalk by Friedman, et al. 2010 in Science (2010) and more recently in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology:. Friedman, M., Shimada, K., Martin, L., Everhart, M.J., Liston, J., Maltese, A. and Triebold, M. 2010. 100-million-year dynasty of giant planktivorous bony fishes in the Mesozoic seas. Ancient fossils of the same species of extinct plants and animals are found in rocks of the same age but are on continents that are now widely separated (figure 3). Wegener proposed that the organisms had lived side by side, but that the lands had moved apart after they were dead and fossilized. The second voyage of HMS Beagle, from 27 December 1831 to 2 October 1836, was the second survey expedition of HMS Beagle, under captain Robert FitzRoy who had taken over command of the ship on its first voyage after the previous captain, Pringle Stokes, committed suicide.FitzRoy had thought of the advantages of having someone onboard who could investigate geology, and sought a naturalist to ...

2021.12.05 18:01 Papa_gut2032 Dino fossils not showing up after expedition

So I'm playing chaos theory for JP 2 and I have to do the mission where it wants me to get 6 species and 75% of a genome. I started an expedition for velociraptors and after I got to 65% the expeditions only brought back fossils you can sell like the algae fossils. Is there a reason it's stopping me or did I do something wrong?
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2021.12.05 18:01 caspian95 “Whatcha doing over there?”

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2021.12.05 18:01 Masterstoy89 This! This is what we have to be worried about!

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2021.12.05 18:01 Blackie_280 What Was Hunting Me

So this all started a long while ago, back in 2018 I believe. I have always had a fear of the dark, just got over it a little while ago. I thought of it as the fear of what I cannot see, but I never expected it would be of what was hunting me. So like I said before, back in 2018. I was standing in a small alley way with 2 sheds on one side and 2 chicken coops on the other and a barn with a light at the front beyond the chicken coops. If you continue walking back, about 10 feet you would reach a fence than went into a field. It was dark out at the time so I had a flashlight as well. After I closed the big door to the far chicken coop, I see one of my barn cats go racing right by me. He is a very kind cat who always wants attention so for him to just run by me was weird. He would only run like that if he got spooked or something was chasing him. I turned my flashlight towards the field where he ran from. It wasn't a very powerful flashlight but it was just powerful enough to light up a set of eyes about 9 feet in the air. I stood there in shock of what that could be, they were sitting there perfectly before turning and going into the nearby forest.

I never thought much of it and kinda forgot about it until last year |2020| when I was sitting on my window seal at about 11pm when I heard serval heavy footsteps coming from the forest. They kept getting closer and closer until I shut my window, then they suddenly just stopped and nothing else.

I would say I nearly forgot about it until early October when I was out clearing a trail. A tree had fallen across it so I was cutting it down with a axe. Once I was finished I hoped back on a ATV I had out there and backed up out of the forest. By the time I was facing the field and in gear I looked back to the trail. I heard a stick snap and thought it might be a deer or something. I felt dread hit me like a charging moose. I turned to see a 10 foot tall human looking creature, except it was covered in black fur and had a wolf like face with yellow eyes, and just yellow. No pupil or anything, just glowing yellow. Within the same second of it seeing me it started running on it's hind legs, and it could run fast. Without thinking for a second I slammed on the gas and stuck right rough a dead willow tree. I raced across the field for about a quarter of a mile until I hit a old gravel road. This road hasn't even been touched in years so it was hard to tell if it was even still a road or not. I turned back to see it limping in pain, it seemed I had dropped my axe while driving and the creature stepped on it. I drove down the road since going into the field across it was impossible. I drove down the road about 50 feet until I reached another field with woodland on each side of it. At the end of the field was a trail that took me to a road that leads home. I slammed on the gas and drove through the uneven field until I reached the entrance of the trail. Before entering the trail I got a feeling to look back so I did. The creature was running after me, this time on all fours. If I had to judge I'd say it was going about 200 mph. I didn't look back, I just turned around and slammed on the gas and drive though the narrow trail right into a field with horses. I stopped at the gate on the other side of the field and looked out where the trail was. I saw the creature passing between the field and the forest, as if it knew it couldn't enter. One of the horses turned and kinda whinnied to it. However it didn't sound like a normal horse, it sounded deep and distorted. After it whinnied the creature turned and went back into the forest, I never went back there alone after that.

Being in the dark scares me now, especially when I am outside or near a forest. And every now and then when I'm in the dark, I feel dread hit me like a falling tree. And now I know why, it is because something is hunting me in these Alberta forests.
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2021.12.05 18:01 cardibcl0set americana sophy ayyyy 🇺🇸 🦅 🍺

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2021.12.05 18:01 frankthetank425 0.5 PPR - Last minute advice please!

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2021.12.05 18:01 aprylzfool Discovered I was the other woman in an emotional affair when he ended it

Sorry for the length. This is a bit of a rant but mostly me trying to process and cope with the situation as it’s still quite fresh since this only happened a few days ago. Just getting it out there helps. TL;DR at bottom
I (42F) reconnected with an old friend (47M) I'd lost touch with for quite a few years. I first met him like 20ish years ago, for reference and we were pretty close. Flirty even then with some intense chemistry. We lost touch for some years in the middle til 3.5 years ago or so. Last I saw him, he was moving out of state with his wife. When we reconnected again via text a year or two ago (he initiated), he told me they were going through a divorce and were working out the financials this past spring. He was wanting/planning to change jobs and move away, either back near where I and most his family live or possibly elsewhere depending on where he could find a job.
Over time our conversations got deeper and more intimate, then flirtier and eventually quite explicit, but nothing ever got physical (though it could have... during a one-time visit a few months back, but he was sick so it was a no go in these crazy times). We have so much in common, I enjoyed all of it, especially after getting out of a very emotionally and sexually dissatisfying relationship with a porn addict a few years ago followed by some rough times personally and then, of course, Covid. Our conversations, our chemistry, made me feel so much more alive & connected which was welcome after several years of grief and the isolation during the pandemic.
Throughout our conversations over the last few years, he told me he was working on himself and trying to be a better person so might need to disconnect from everyone and all social media while he had his sabbatical or whatever. I'm sure that some of that is true as he does clearly have some issues with himself BUT I'm also now quite confident in retrospect that it's because he either was NEVER getting divorced or maybe they got back together somewhere along the line of us talking. Who really knows. He always worried about me hating him for having to distance himself amongst other things which I never understood. Probably because he knew the full truth of the situation while I did not.
Regardless, I found out after a sudden "we must never speak again" text that was followed almost a week later with him texting again that he knows he asked me never to contact him again BUT he needs a screen shot of our last conversation. I, of course, ask why he needs such a thing. At which point he drops it on me: "I need it to try to rebuild some trust." WOW. Ok. So I sent it to him (I HAD taken a screen-shot as a reminder of the last time we were to speak - call it a souvenir of a 20 year friendship). I told him "that answers a lot for me. Please convey my apologies for any pain I may have unknowingly contributed to. Honesty and trust are critical. I'm glad to hear you're working on that. Best of luck to both of you." He followed with one last "thank you. obviously we will never speak again." I left it there and didn’t respond further.
I was still processing the bomb dropping of course and tried to take the high road. Since then I have reworded my responses in my mind so many times and now I find myself sad, angry, and embarrassed to have shared so much with him. Much of it was stuff I hadn't shared with ANYONE. So I feel betrayed by what I thought was a long time dear friend who had the potential to be more. He told me how he would woo me. How I was the one that got away. He said many times how he wanted me to be treated better, like I deserve, and how he hated my exes for getting to be with me and not treating me well or doing right by me. His only fear was us dating and things going badly, thus ruining our friendship which was the last thing he wanted. Ha!
I can’t believe I fell for it but also how could I know? I’m sure the sad truth is it’s because I wanted to trust him. To believe him and in him and his character. We talked or texted for HOURS, into the wee hours of morning sometimes. He sent photos etc. that made it clear he was sleeping alone. He said he had a roommate (who I’m now thinking is actually his wife with a separate bedroom) but he went to events alone, shopped alone. In the end I’m left wondering how someone I have known for so long and had such history with could lie to and betray me this way. Not to mention to his own wife! Insecurity and need for ego stroking perhaps? The whole cake analogy? I just feel like every day I find myself asking wtf is wrong with people?! And now even with those I consider close I have to wonder the same.
She and their relationship, appropriately, take priority so I don’t even get a chance to fully react, to have my say in the situation either. He’s probably also spinning it so that I was tempting him into it even though he was always the one who initiated and couldn’t seem to stay away. Addictive, he called me. Intoxicating. Pretty lies indeed. Obviously I will never talk to him again - I don’t want liars and users in my life anyway so bullet dodged there - but this abrupt ending is leaving me in a limbo of sorts. Right now I feel a lot of hate toward him, without the ability to direct it at him. I’m hopeful that with some time, though, I will feel only indifference. The best revenge is living a good life as they say.
But looking forward, how do I put myself out there and date again in the future knowing even someone I cared for as a friend for so long could use me and abuse my trust like this? The whole point of dating is to be vulnerable and that terrifies me right now. I’ve been and will continue to work on my own stuff. Obviously I need to keep improving my picker if I’m still falling for crap like this. But I’m an all-in type of person. Don’t want to do it halfway. Superficial relationships don’t appeal to me. I don’t have a lot of friends. Only a couple true ones. This situation has made me want to go live on an island and stay away from almost everyone.
I am so very sorry to the partners who have been cheated on. I never wanted to be a party to that pain.
I wrote out something to send just in case he does ever try to reach out again:
Why would I ever want to talk to you again? You lied and betrayed my trust. I took you at your word and felt safe in our history and our connection and you abused that. You used me. You took away my consent and made me complicit in an emotional affair that I never would have entered into knowingly. I guess that was the point, right? I tried to respect your marriage, a hell of a lot more than you apparently did and I always respected your boundaries. YOU were the one who kept seeking ME out. You had chance after chance to come clean and you didn’t. Now I have to assume that from the beginning, EVERYTHING was a lie, one big manipulation. I thought I could never hate you but you were right and I was wrong because, yes, now I do hate you for what you’ve done. After getting so angry at my exes for not treating me well, you treated me far worse. For saying you hate men and what they’ve done, you sure have acted like the very same. Your hypocrisy knows no limits. So yes. OBVIOUSLY we will never speak again, you selfish deceitful asshole.
To any of you who actually took the time to read this, thank you for letting me put it all out there into the universe since it will likely never reach its intended audience. You are appreciated. Onward now. Hopefully upward.
TL;DR Friend of 20+ years lied to me about his marital status and I ended up an emotional AP of sorts. I only found out when he ended things and told me he was trying to repair trust with the wife he had told me he was divorcing. Now I’m mourning the loss of who I thought he was: a longtime close friend (and decent person) with the potential for more. Damn it hurts. Now I worry how I’ll be able to trust anyone not to be such a self-serving douchebag in the future. Wtf is wrong with some people?!
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2021.12.05 18:01 BotTamer So we can all agree the new gimmick where NPCs follow you in real time is terrible right?

I know role players and their screenshots will disagree, but other than that, it is objectively a completely useless addition to the game.
Not only are we still doing ARR style fetch quests, and "go here and talk to X" quests... But now we can't just teleport we have to keep up with/follow behind an NPC... Why did they do this?
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2021.12.05 18:01 GNGVir Unremarkable House Location Fortnite

You can find Fortnite Unremarkable House Landmark location following this video guide
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2021.12.05 18:01 docjack1 Loving seeing everyone’s collection! Thought I’ll add mine to mix! What recommendations do you have that I could add? :)

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2021.12.05 18:01 pseudo_hotguy Woman takes a picture with a band, must mean they gangbanged her. geez so many men in this comment section need to get their head out of the gutter.

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2021.12.05 18:01 allasecuyahoga Papa hacked Bitmart...

... And it's obvious. Bitmart reneged on their deal to periodically burn and add liquidity and instead maintained an internal market. Transferring and immediately selling all of their Safemoon except for $2.19 worth achieved burn, reflection and lp acquisition on those coins so that the numbers would be right before the switch to V2. He had access to their key in order to exempt the Bitmart address from the 10% tax. Everything else was a distraction because it would be obvious if he just stole all the Safemoon. He will make Bitmart holders whole on the new blockchain. This is 100% speculation and I have no idea what I'm talking about for certain. Thoughts?
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2021.12.05 18:01 benign_said Can I over-winter conifer saplings in my home fridge? Will that provide sufficient dormancy?

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2021.12.05 18:01 marks0595 Hits from a Fusion Strike BB

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2021.12.05 18:01 EndofaneraADTR What are some REALLY good toys for my Betta fish?

So my tank has
two big tall "grassy" fake plants they're quiet big
four "leafy" silk plants of various sizes (good for her to lay on)
A floating log (a good hide-y hole, she likes to sleep in it)
A "hammock" (she doesn't care about it)
Four tiny short grass fake plants
I was wanting to know other really good toys for Betta fish to play with in their tank. I was thinking of getting a big rock to put in there (like the size of my fist). Im wanting to add a few more enrichments to her tank when I clean her tank next week (so I can clean the things with the dirty tank water).
The tank is 10 gallons and has all the gadgets it needs.
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2021.12.05 18:01 blank1993 "Error in decrypting data with cmk"

I am trying to granularize my ECS task role permissions, it was Adminstrative access earlier, so for this server I gave every possible access it might need, along with AWSKeyManagementServicePowerUser, but it still throws the above error. But when I add Adminstrative Access, it works.
Without Adminstrative access, I am getting 405 error on my server.
I couldn't find higher permission for KMS than the above mentioned.
Any idea which permission should I give?
Also, I tried searching from Cloudtrail but there are just so many calls(heath checks) so it gets really hard to figure out mine.
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2021.12.05 18:01 naturally-fuckedup A demon becomes president.

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2021.12.05 18:01 PFfounder Have you heard of the high elves?

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2021.12.05 18:01 princesscarlie is anyone from/in south korea know anyone who has the pink switch cat controller for the switch. the pink color is only in South Korea. i'm wondering if someone could send me one or something

Switch Cat Controller
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2021.12.05 18:01 Fresh-Astronaut-6820 [searching] TH10 | Lvl 78 | IGN: Foolman90 | No min clan level |Starting to be more competitive

I am TH10 sort of rushed by in the process of unrushing. I am a gold 2 and wanting to participate in clan wars. I donate in clans and I am also respectful to clan mates.
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2021.12.05 18:01 NeeaDevil My dendrobium is turning silver and there are little black spots. Could this be some kind of fungus?

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2021.12.05 18:01 AccordingToAGarage Abyss Of Demons Enemy redraw cuz why not

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2021.12.05 18:01 5YearsOnEastCoast I made this fake Danganronpa Youtube video thumbnail

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2021.12.05 18:01 cjj218 Pro585 not always showing up on app

Traeger app has been saying grill offline a lot lately. I've reconnected a few times and last few weeks is not showing up. Anyone else having these problems and anything special you did to keep it working in your app?
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2021.12.05 18:01 Smilefriend Parigi, contestatore salta al collo di Zemmour: scontri al comizio del candidato di estrema destra (Video)

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