Asking this type of question yet again but is Liverpool a disability friendly city?

Liverpool is a city in northwest England. Its metropolitan area is the fifth-largest in the UK, with a population of 2.24 million. The City of Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England. Liverpool is home to Everton F.C. and Liverpool F.C. Liverpool escorts are elegant vixens who will not let you catch asleep. Liverpool FC live transfer news, team news, fixtures, gossip and more. Get all of the latest Reds breaking transfer news, fixtures, LFC squad news and more every day from the Liverpool ECHO London is the greatest ever city I have ever seen in my life. The city is quite active, international, and full of energy. People are so nice, and they turn any situation into a nice conversation. This city is full of stories, history and old places. Nice buildings, great museums to visit, and they are free. Liverpool had one of the earliest mosques in Britain, founded in 1887 by William Abdullah Quilliam, a lawyer who had converted to Islam. Liverpool FC has some of the best Muslim players, Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Naby Keita. This will hit them hard. Islamaphobia reduced in Liverpool after football club signed Salah, report finds. It was a season-ending blow, not just to Van Dijk but the team he marshals so exquisitely. Tonight, the talismanic Liverpool centre back returns to Goodison Park fully fit and firing again. Old Maps of Liverpool Drag and zoom around a range of maps showing Liverpool from the 17th to the 20th century. As a large city, Liverpool has seen a great many maps and plans made of it. Some of these maps show the wider area around the city, and may include areas as far afield … Schwarber is one of the most coveted sluggers on the free-agent market after his stellar 2021 campaign with the Red Sox and Washington Nationals.The 28-year-old set himself up for a significant ... VATICAN CITY (AP) — Lazio is sponsoring a soccer friendly between the Vatican and a team from the World Roma Federation in its latest effort to promote tolerance amid further episodes of racism and fascism from Lazio fans. Captain Ciro Immobile will referee Sunday’s match at Lazio’s Formello training center. Pope Francis, who visited a gypsy community during his recent visit to Slovakia ... The term ‘a game of two halves’ is often applied to a football game; in the case of the Utilita Energy Stadium (but still known to many fans as Valley Parade), a ground of ‘two halves’ comes to mind, as the initial impression is that one side is twice as big as the other. Manchester City Ladies was formed in November 1988, the brainchild of Manchester City Community Officer Neil Mather - who would become the side's first manager - plus several others involved in the club's community scheme. Their first match was a friendly against Oldham on Boundary Park's artificial pitch, which City won by a score of 4–1.

2021.12.05 16:44 squigeypops Asking this type of question yet again but is Liverpool a disability friendly city?

So I'm asking about yet another UK city's accessibility because I want to move for colľege. I'm in the Dublin area and Dublin is honestly terrible for accessibility so I'm looking for something better.
My specific points of concern are Tourette's, sensory processing disorder (which my psychologist and school believe is actually autism), PTSD symptoms & dissociation, pes planus (which is something way worse but yay HSE) and fatigue induced by PCOS.
As such, I want to ask, are there neon/vastly different coloured/bright lights outside of Christmas (I anticipate it will be bright during xmas no matter how friendly the city/town), and are there flashing lights in general? Are there rivers/canals in Liverpool and if so, are the bridges opaque (eg made of cement) or transparent?
Is Liverpool flat or hilly? Are streets cobbled or smooth/tiled, and if cobbled are there alternative routes? How is the public transport system? Can I rely on trams/trains? Do the buses have more than one step at the entrance? Are particular areas very loud or is it quiet outside of rush hour?
Is it navigable with a service dog? Do people err on the side of leaving service dogs alone? Do buildings have (steep) steps at the entrance, and if so, are there ramps available?
Thanks in advance for any responses.
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2021.12.05 16:44 Kurumiseenpai Market Board item quantity

as a new player and a player of a lot of other MMO I cant understand why I need to buy the whole stock of an item, I don't have a high amount of gil and for example I need to buy earth cluster but the lowest price is 50,000gil, like bruh wtf I have 300.000gil in total let me just buy the 1 earth crystal I need
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2021.12.05 16:44 Aelthwyn (PC / Mobile) Anonymous Guardians is recruiting

Do you want to be part of a top guild family in the game? Anonymous Guardians is recruiting. We have a guild for every type of player... whether you are a new player, mid-gamer, or a seasoned hard core veteran. We also offer flexibility to move inside of our family according to your level of play/availability. Our friendly and international Discord community is a great place to hang out too.
We currently have openings in: Anonymous - #1 on the trophy LB for 4 years - finished 9 times in 1st place in GWs - One of the very few guilds able to compete at the top on every aspect of the game. Currently focusing on GW, we are looking for an experienced GW lover who will help us succeed in B1. Thanks to our very stable roster, we combine experience and competitiveness with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All events completed and many LTs each week.
Marthos Guardians - Top 10 guild since the beginning of GoW. Currently in Bracket 2 in GWs. Very competitive in all areas of the game. Looking for very active lvl 1000+ who are eager to grow and learn in a friendly and stimulating environment. All events completed and many LTs each week.
We also have openings in our beginners guild for motivated new players interested in growing in an experienced friendly community. All levels are welcome.
For more information, come have a chat with us on our server:
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2021.12.05 16:44 kturn28 The fabric slipped a bit on the back, despite my serious pinning job… is this something that might be a bit hidden once I wash it? (first quilt)

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2021.12.05 16:44 Brananyan [For Trade] Marina and the Diamonds - Froot (White Variant)

Hello! I currently am in possession of this copy of Froot. It’s the white Urban Outfitters exclusive pressing. I currently don’t play this much if not at all so i’m hoping to trade it to someone who would. There two very minor marks on the front cover (nothing major and will send pictures upon request. Plays perfectly with the exception of Cant Pin Me Down which has a few pops. Would be happy to trade for any of the following:
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Clear w/ White)
Big Thief - Masterpiece (Red)
Radiohead - OK Computer (Blue)
Joni Mitchell - Blue (Blue Translucent)
Would also happily trade for any of the limited Lana Del Rey / Paramore records floating out there. I’m open to offers as well if you want to shoot me a chat. Show me what you have and i’m sure we can negotiate something. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 16:44 crumblinbridges “I’m hungry and hollow and just want something to call my own” ~Richard Siken

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2021.12.05 16:44 McOnePot Dropped a glass and nobody said “waheeey!”

I work in a bar in a hotel and the gaff was pretty packed so I was awful surprised when not a single soul clapped or said WAHEEEY like they usually do. That’s a first for me!
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2021.12.05 16:44 someNameForYou Timeless Rage - Warrior

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2021.12.05 16:44 ThePimentaRules Scalable Stat Dice in attack mechanic

In my previous posts I stated that I was working on a system to prioritize and give importante to attribute distribution by creating feats to higher attribute levels (like stun strike for strength +3, etc). This gave importante to your character natural abilities because on a classless system, you could interact your attribute abilities with your skills (trainable stuff like fighting unarmed, lockpicking etc.) Attributes governed higher mechanics that could be used in a multitude of skills (like extra reaction on dexterity tree, which could be used on all weapon skills for example)
I started on modifying dnd standard d20 system but I worked from there to a new system. My idea is:
-In a regular d20 system you have on an attack roll d20 then you add your governing attribute.
-My system would relate your attribute to a dice and substitute the d20. So a strength +1 is a d4, +2 d6 and up to d12 on a +5. This would be used as your dice to roll for the related attribute on a check or attack. So a barbarian attacking with a greataxe and a +4 str would roll 1d10 + proficiency on heavy weapons, thats it. The attribute level incorporates the stat mod and d20 in one dice.
In my opnion a +1 or +5 being your strength mod for example adding to your damage and attack rolls is good because bounded accuracy but it notes little difference from +4 str for example (which statistically you can mitigate with advantage to hit and magic weapons etc).
IMO the pros in this new system is that attributes matter more, you roll less stuff AND you can use the stat dice already rolled to just add to the damage phase, so just roll the weapon damage dice and add it up (proficiency value being flat only adds to attack hitting or not, forget about it on damage phase).
What to you think? Also Im having a problem on heavy attacks (aka great weapon master feat like attacks) any ideas? Regular flat addition like dnd? Would that cognitive load the player because that stat dice is the same on damage and attack phase? I tought about increasing action cost on heavy attacks and you rolled two stat dices but that Increases damage and attack values with little downsides beside action cost...
Ps: dont worry about criticals I already solved that on a damage phase dice mechanic (exploding dice).
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2021.12.05 16:44 aadhus LF CO-OP Valk Ciel Dungeon [324,358,407]

Been trying to beat this dungeon but just can't, anyone willing to try to co-op/carry? I have Royal Oak, Rosalyn, Mikage, and Nadeko (if she's still relevant).
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2021.12.05 16:44 off_artisan Replica Studley Marking Gauge by me. Ig: @off_artisan for process shots.

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