Went with the SBD Tempest today! Love this knife.

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2021.12.05 17:53 dmag13 Went with the SBD Tempest today! Love this knife.

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2021.12.05 17:53 scotty-fitzgerald Silver Magic Mouse & Trackpad

I know you can’t buy the mouse, keyboard, and trackpad of the new color iMacs separately. But I was wondering if the silvewhite ones that are sold separately everywhere are the same as the ones included in the new 24” silver iMac.
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2021.12.05 17:53 amcoduri Bad end

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2021.12.05 17:53 yuilfuq_boom Cómo me gustaba matar a ese pinchi negro en postal

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2021.12.05 17:53 No-Star5772 Why you gotta do my man dani like this

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2021.12.05 17:53 catlover1210 Why do they gloss over major issues so easily, it’s almost angering…

New gossip girl (OG) watcher and currently on season 4! It angers me so much how they gloss over the sh*tty things they do to each other, and literally illegal things? Example: Blair literally still in love with chuck after he took advantage of Jenny, Chuck getting away with almost r*ping Jenny and still being talked to like their friends or something, Blair exposing Serena’s brother for being on s*icide watch… and oh my god the way Serena let her dad get away with drugging her mother to manipulate her back into marrying her? Yet she was angry at Rufus for something as simple as “cheating” Jenny sabotaging Nate and Serena’s realationship. Oh the list goes on and on and on! It’s so annoying that they’re practically all r*pe apologist by still being his (chucks friend) and acting as if nothing happened… rich kids are so ugh 
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2021.12.05 17:53 Im_The_Daiquiri_Man Remember … You have been warned.

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2021.12.05 17:53 Tall_Kangaroo6087 RedFloki stealth launched only today | Get 7% BUSD rewards for hodling | Huge Marketing | x1000 Gem 🚀

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2021.12.05 17:53 80sincors College enviornmental science essay about how I think the earth's carrying capacity is 11 billion people. Not finished yet, but am I on the right track, or do I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about?

In my opinion I think that Earth’s maximum carrying capacity stands at approximately 11 billion people. This isn’t in terms of the amount of space on Earth, however. I think that the carrying capacity is very contingent on factors such as, but not limited to, our ecological footprint, food and food production, and supply of sanitary water. In this essay, I will use materials from each lecture to discuss how they have an impact on our Earth’s carrying capacity.
From the ecosystem section, I believe that density dependant factors play a part in Earth’s carrying capacity. I think once the Earth holds approximately 11 billion people, these density dependant factors will take over, such as causing disease, which would be spread faster due to the increase in population, or limit food,causing starvation, all which will increase deaths globally, causing the population growth to not be exponential anymore and remain the same, or even crash.
From the biogeochemisty lecture, I think by the time the Earth reaches 11 billion people, the supply of phosphorus will have become very limited. Phosphorus is a very misunderstood resource, and people are unaware of important it is. We are mining it, which allows us to produce more food. Then, we are dumping it in the oceans, leading to shortages. Since the main way that phosphorous can be regulated is through the eruption of volcanos, if we run out, which will likely happen in our lifetime, along with there being 11 billion people expected as well in our lifetime, chances are it will remain ran out for the remainder of our lifetime. Another aspect from the biogeochemisty lecture is humans have dramatically increased their burning of fossil fuels, building up CO2 in the atmosphere, worsening the effects of climate change. Therefore by the time the Earth reaches 11 billion people, at this rate, more and more CO2 will have been burned into the air, and global warming effects and pollution would have killed off a lot of people.
From the Human Populations lecture,
From the Biomes lecture, it is said how
From the Pollution lecture, due to the amount of exposure we have to overalll pollution, our lifespan decreases.. I think by 11 billion people, we will have created enough pollution to start decreasing our life spans, by causing obesity, cancer, and more people will die. Going into specifics, one factor is Benzyne, which is a chemical released through the gasoline in our cars. Benzyne is a carcinogen, which can cause a large amount of different kind of cancers. If Benzyne is not addressed more, it will contribute to our carrying capacity not being that large due to the high amounts of benzyne causing complications with cancer.. Another factor from the pollution lecture is oil pollution. Oil pollution is very destructive. It can alter the pH levels in water, kill plants and animals, when the major oil spill occurred in Exxon Valdez, it had a very bad impact on the land surrounding the gulf, due to the land being a pristine area which wasn’t touched by humans yet. Despite major cleanup attempts, there is still oil there today, hidden under rocks. Due to increased warming, oil is spreading faster, causing these problems, limiting resources, and setting a carrying capacity.
From the Water lecture, the quantity of available freshwater had reduced drastically. Near a half of the entire global population is experiencing some degree of limitations of access to a sufficient quantity of freshwater as of 2021. Out of every 26 gallons of water available, 0.8 gallons are used for fresh water. We use 54% of all available water. The more people there are in the world, the more fresh water we will be using, and by the time we hit 11 billion people, water will be in severe scarcity. Another aspect is water pollution. Because of pathogens, parasites, and diseases found in polluted water. Polluted water comes from compounds such as salts, acids, toxic metals, and eutrophication, as well as organic compounds such as gasoline, oil, and pesticides. 10 million people annually, mainly in developing, third world countries, are killed of diseases originating from this water.The more people there are in the world, the more polluted water will be consumed, contributing to a maximum carrying capacity.
From the Waste lecture, since the population is expanding rapidly, the more waste is being produced. Despite regulations in the United States, 220 to 600 million tons of industrial waste is being produced a year. Even though this isn’t much compared to other countries, the materials in the waste is very hazardous. Industrial waste, which if dumped into landfills or the oceans, can have a negative impact on human health. Electronic waste is shipped to developing countries and pay poor people minimum wage to burn the components to collect the valuable parts. Burning of e-waste is incredibly toxic and releases many toxins. There are many other forms of waste, but by these two, we can conclude how negatively different forms if waste affect the atmosphere, and human health. Another aspect from the waste lecture is the impact of open landfills on the environment. They pollute water, air, and wildlife.Since most of the landfills are becoming more and more full, people think that we can get rid of waste by burning, or burying it, however it will lead to complications. When waste is buried, a lot of the time this will result in the production of methane. Methane has a huge climate impact, and contributes to global warming. Methane warms the earth significantly more than carbon dioxide does. When waste is burned, this can be very harmful to the atmosphere and the environment, in terms of toxins, unless in controlled conditions, however this is very expensive. Therefore, the more people there are, the more waste there will be in landfills, and at 11 billion people, global warming will become a big enough issue to cap the carrying capacity off here.
From the Air lecture, due to the tradewinds, air pollution will be blown around. For example, pollution from a country in a hemisphere, will get blown around and within one to five years, the air pollution will be evenly distributed all over that hemisphere. China’s air pollution blows over to the US, causing even the most remote areas on the West Coast to be polluted. Air pollution causes complications such as lung cancer, which decreases life span. By the time we reach 11 billion people, the rates in air pollution will have skyrocketed. Another factor from the air lecture relates to the ozone layer. How the ozone layer is formed is that the Sun produces ultra violet light, which stikes oxygen atoms, breaking them apart. Then, these free oxygen atoms collide with others, causing O3 molecules, or the ozone layer. The ozone layer is beneficial because it absorbs the sun’s harmful UV light, which we don’t want in the trophosphere. In the past half-century, it had been noticed that in the Southern Hemisphere, the ozone has become very thin, foming a “hole”. This hole is seasonal, and is signigificantly worse in the winter. This is because the UV energy removes chlorine atoms from CFC molecules, destroying the ozone. The consequences of this is that it the UV light can cause skin cancers, which, in the future, if this becomes a worsening problem ands the ozone layer keeps getting thinner, can limit carrying capacity.
From the Alternative Energy lecture, a carrying capacity of only 11 billion people could be reached because of the lack of energy sources like windmills in developing, third world countries. Windmills are useful because they convert wind into usable energy. Since the late 90’s in Oregon, a huge amount of our power has come from windmills. Since windmills are the cheapest method of power, if more windmills were inserted in impoverished places where there are a lot of slums, the people living there could have access to more energy and have a better life expectancy, and our carrying capacity can make it to 11 billion people.
An aspect of the Global Warming section is that as the Earth warms, it can cause increased warming and humidity to places that were not warm and humid, which can cause mosquitos that carry tropical diseases such as malaria to these new areas. Some of these diseases can kill people, or cause complications that will shorten lifespan, especially if people are not vaccinated against them. These diseases can threaten carrying capacity, and these diseases can become a big problem the more people there are, and the warmer the Earth gets.
From the sustainability lecture, something we can do to support a carrying capacity of 11 billion people is to subsidize green production, and tax pollution, however currently this is the opposite. As of now, companies are able to emit tons of pollution without being taxed for it, and if you want to get fossil fuels, or mine, you get taxed for it. This is a challenging method, but it can be fixable. Another aspect of sustainability is that we need to level out our resource use. If we use more resources than we need to comfortably survive, this will limit the amount of resources the future generation will have. If we sustain our resource use, our resources will continue indefinitely, which will contribute to the Earth being able to hold 11 billion people.
From the remediation lecture, when high amounts of pollution start spreading through our groundwater and rivers, soil, land can become so contaminated, that it could make it very difficult or impossible for farmers to grow or build on. This is where remediation comes into play. Remediation simply is the process of preventing the spread of this pollution. To contain the pollution, the dirt is dug out and set aside. Then, they put lining in the hole, which is usually made up of a material like clay which will prevent the pollution from escaping. Finally, they cap the hole off with the clay material, trapping the pollution inside. A downside to this, is there can still be excess pollution outside of the hole that was missed, but this can be solved by putting extra protection around rivers, or by using wells to that can pull it out. By eliminating the spread of pollution this way, we will be able to have less of it go into water and land, less blowing away, leading to a cleaner enviornment and being able to raise our carrying capacity.
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2021.12.05 17:53 owzy Shiny hunting dialga

Hey guys im shiny hunting dialga post elite 4 and i did a few catches to make sure im not encountering the same one the stats seem to be changing but the nature doesnt, im assuming itll still have a chance to be shiny, but why is the nature not changing? Im curious as to why
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2021.12.05 17:53 Charming_Ad7099 How do you unlock this area

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2021.12.05 17:53 Bluecomments Was Perona closer to Moria or Mihawk?

When she learns from the papers about Moria, she leaves Mihawk. But cries when Mihawk gives her kind words at parting.
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2021.12.05 17:53 AwesomeStreet_ Can I buy better swords from the adventures guild?

I finally got round to doing the little quest, I bought the cutlass sword but want a better one and have been back several times. Do I have to do something to get a better sword?
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2021.12.05 17:53 sageking14 What are your favorite crackpot theories about the Mortal Realms?

Greetings once more my fellow Gate Seekers! So over the course of these last six years or so, the Mortal Realms have gotten DENSE! There's truly a massive cornucopia of lore spread across dozens of novels and anthologies, three massive campaigns and a smattering of mini-sized ones, a bookshelf worth of Soulbound RPG books, and all that stuff they tucked away in magazines and video games like Storm Ground.
So naturally, this leads to all of us having our own unique interpretations of the setting based on what we know, what we remember, and when we read it. We all have our own fanon, headcanon, speculations, and our own theories to boot.
But sometimes we come up with theories that are so out there or so wild that even we ourselves aren't sure we believe in them. So my question for today is, what are your favourite crackpot theories you've made yourself or come up with.
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2021.12.05 17:53 felixc_ Can someone ID Hyeju's sweater please?

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2021.12.05 17:53 Alarmed_Map8584 22M uk [chat] [relationship]

Hey guys! I’m looking to make some friends. Anyone that likes cars or gaming or any transport☺️ I’ve had a really tough year and have lost a lot of friends, I hope I find some people here. Anybody can message me, I don’t bite☺️
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2021.12.05 17:53 daringduchess Tips for removing stubborn hair? I’ve put these tiny bones through two cycles of cleaning and whitening, and they are at the desired color, however there are small hairs that will still not come off… Will this problem be fixed with a third soak in peroxide or am I missing something?

Tips for removing stubborn hair? I’ve put these tiny bones through two cycles of cleaning and whitening, and they are at the desired color, however there are small hairs that will still not come off… Will this problem be fixed with a third soak in peroxide or am I missing something? submitted by daringduchess to bonecollecting [link] [comments]

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2021.12.05 17:53 yadagada Stop moving here

We don't exist. Everything here sucks. You were actually looking for Long Island. Go away.
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2021.12.05 17:53 jvit28 Safemoon update!!

Safemoon v2
Important safemoonvers migration V2
Safemoon migration to V2 version
How to transfer the old tokens to Towards a new Marketing portfolio
1) Open your Trustwallet
2) Press on Safemoon
3) Press Send / Follow
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5) Choose maximum to transfer all tokens
Press on Send
7) Confirm the Transfer and you will see the new safemoon v2 version automatically displayed in your Trust Wallet.

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2021.12.05 17:53 OliveintheWild Someone explain these eyes

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2021.12.05 17:53 Optimal-Dog-906 Is Saitama vs Popeye the Real Season Finale

Is Saitama vs Popeye the season finale
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2021.12.05 17:53 jedipwnces Best Options for Holiday Light Tours in DFW?

Hey y'all - we have a lot of family coming in for Christmas and a few birthdays in December, and I thought it would be cool to do a holiday light tour while folks were in town. I know there are some drive-through tours, but has anyone had good experience with booking a chauffeured tour? Like getting a limo or bus or something along those lines?
I've never booked anything like that, so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has recommendations for companies, and price estimates to help us make some choices.
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2021.12.05 17:53 Nohan07 Plus de 60 000 euros de promesses de don en Martinique pour le Téléthon

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2021.12.05 17:53 MarionClaude Butterfly Crotch...

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